CAT Ring Power Case Study

This fact sheet outlines details about the State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program (SLCGP) for FY 2023.

SLCGP Cybersecurity Grant

This fact sheet outlines details about the State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program (SLCGP) for FY 2023.

Janice Kohler

Janice boasts two decades of dedicated structured literacy training, coaching, and consultation across the nation. With a profound commitment to transforming student trajectories, she champions improved literacy outcomes for all children.

Travis Lench

Travis Lench has nearly three decades of experience as a distinguished global tech sales leader.

Sam Arrona

Sam previously served as the Executive Director of Family Support for Newark Public Schools. She managed Newark's Family Support Center and Contact Center, which helped students, and families with all issues related to school enrollment.

Collin Moore

Collin specializes in policy design, implementation, change management, and execution of large-scale initiatives for cities, districts, and states. Collin's background is in law, policy, and education.

Carrie Miller

Carrie has over 12-years of experience in teaching and school leadership as well as her Six Sigma certification.

Allison Miller

Alison's background in change management and educational research, allows her to empower educators to enact effective instructional improvements.

Juan Osuna

Juan Osuna is an experienced analyst with a demonstrated history of working in cross-functional teams to help organizations transform their culture and drive growth.

Heather Curry

Dr. Heather Curry is a results-oriented, driven DEI Consultant with an extensive background supporting DEI efforts through research, project management, and consulting.

Jaime Hoffman

Jaime Hoffman has over seven years of experience working with program evaluation and data analysis to help shape change and demonstrate community impact through evaluation and policy.

Krystal O’Leary

Krystal specializes in organizational DEI strategy, team leadership and learning, and program innovation, with nearly twenty years of education experience in school districts, nonprofit, and consulting settings.

Dewand Neely

With more than 19 years of experience in the IT industry, including his tenure as CIO for the State of Indiana, Dewand Neely offers high-level technology expertise for MGT and leads the IT and Strategic Software Solutions.

Trent Kaufman, PhD

Prior to joining Ed Direction, he worked as a Senior Consultant. The public education sector was Trent's initial "career"; Before becoming the principal of a high school, he worked as a social studies teacher for a number of years.

Security Assessment

A flat sheet detailing MGT Technology's process for conducting NIST-based cybersecurity assessments.

Rodney Turner

Rodney is a seasoned technology business developer and co-leader/founder of Layer 3 Communications. He currently serves as Senior Vice President of MGT Technology.

Josh Bailey

Josh brings long-standing expertise in IT engineering to Layer 3 as its co-founder and president.  He currently serves as a Vice President of MGT Technology.

Ambica Kaul

Ambica is a culture builder and leads the Professional IT Staffing division at Cira InfoTech. She is a skilled leader with a proven track record of ensuring that clients receive high-quality IT staffing solutions.

Sudhir Musirigari

Sudhir is a technology solutions expert with experience managing programs, client relationships, and working with fortune 500 companies. He consistently leads teams that produce bottom-line results.

Nikhil Pattak

Nikhil is an experienced, certified Senior Solutions Architect. He brings additional experience in firewall implementation, developing workflows, and managing network security change.

IT Staffing

A flatsheet detailing MGT Technology's professional IT staffing services and capabilities.

IIJA Cybersecurity Grant

An infographic outlining details about the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) cybersecurity grant and notice of funding for 2022.

Higher Education HBCU

A flatsheet detailing MGT's experience working with historically black colleges or universities (HBCUs).

Rajeev Bajaj

Rajeev began his career in education over a decade ago as an elementary school teacher at PS 161 in Harlem. He later went on to serve in key leadership roles at the New York City Department of Education, Sangari Global Education, and now, as General Manager of MGT Education.

Erin McGoldrick

Erin is a data-driven leader, focused on providing solutions to enhance education opportunities because no child should be deprived of that opportunity.

IIJA Cyber Assessment & Plan

A flatsheet that gives an overview of MGT's process for conducting the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) cybersecurity grant-ready cybersecurity assessment.

Candidate Interview Guide

A guide for employee candidates that details important information about MGT's values and employee benefits.

An interview with disparity leader, Andres Bernal

Do you ever wonder what it takes to conduct a disparity study, why it's important, and the things you should consider when producing a defensible result? Our team conducts disparity studies to determine if inequities exist in public procurement and contracting that adversely affect minorities and/or women.

Vishal Maheshwaram

Vishal is a lead network and security engineer with expertise in enterprise network and security technologies.

Erin Payton

Erin has directly participated in and managed hundreds of cost of service studies for local agencies ranging in population size from a few thousand to several million

Will Fiorito

Will is a strong project manager who uses his analytic, communication, and research skills to help our Organizational Solutions team provide robust solutions.

Meredith Miller

Meredith is experienced in cost allocation development, cost of services and user fee rates, SB 90, and managing audits of government operations.
Students in classroom

How to prevent cyber threats from crippling your school district

For any organization, public or private, security risk assessments and penetration testing are necessary. Compliance and an ever-changing cyber threat landscape require constant threat management. However, for an agency to create a true culture of cyber security, success depends on tactics as part of a cohesive, long-term security and risk management program.
Dave Bushnell

Dave Bushnell

Dave is a passionate and innovative policy maker dedicated to social justice advocacy and supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in the public sector.

Kasey Price, EdD

Kasey has more than 15 years of experience in higher education administration and teaching, including roles in executive leadership within student affairs.

Karinda Barrett, PhD

Dr. Barrett has guided education clients through strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, academic program assessments, economic impact studies, master planning, and feasibility studies.

Ashok Pilla

Ash is a network and security engineer with more than a decade of experience including design, installation, configuration, and the support of network and security products.

Jorge Granada

Jorge is passionate about serving clients and impacting communities. After a successful 25 year career in technology, he now applies his experience at MGT to drive "service through growth".

Mahesh Garikota

Mahesh is an internationally-experienced senior technology professional with expert proficiency in developing and implementing innovative technical solutions and leads MGT's Cyber Security team of 100+ engineers.

Andres Bernal, JD

Andres is an expert in providing quantitative research for disparity studies with more than 16 years of experience.

Sheena Horton, PMP

Sheena has more than 12 years providing strategic leadership on human capital-related projects for clients in higher education, PK-12, and state/local government organizations.

Babette Moreno, EdD

Babette is a performance-driven bilingual senior leader in education transformation with three decades of success in dynamic school reform and sales.

Eric Parish obtains Purdue University’s Lean Six Sigma certification

Eric Parish, Executive Vice President of MGT's Education Solutions, recently received his Lean Six Sigma (LSS) certification through Purdue University. Many organizations employ Lean Six Sigma methodologies, which blend Six Sigma’s focus on reducing variation with Lean's focus on eliminating waste.

Education clients speak: contingency plans help to forge ahead

In many states, the coronavirus pandemic necessitated contingency plans allowing for a shift from in-person to remote activities. For some purposes, like most office jobs, the transition has been an adjustment, but doable and in some cases even preferable to commuting to a workplace. For example, at Microsoft, among other companies, productivity is up.

What is a disparity study and why should your organization have one?

Do you ever wonder what it takes to conduct a disparity study, why it's important, and the things you should consider when producing a defensible result? Our team conducts disparity studies to determine if inequities exist in public procurement and contracting that adversely affect minorities and/or women.

Diversity, equity & inclusion for crisis management

MGT'S Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Solutions for Crisis Management enables communities to be compliant with federal Civil Rights guidelines. Response efforts should be provided in equitable and inclusive manner. We can provide risk determinant data to inform response to help you target and reduce discriminatory risks in your most vulnerable communities.

MGT secure Anywhere Telework Solutions

MGT Secure Anywhere is a tailored secure remote access solution enabling organizations to provide a fully functional, secure, and compliant environment for teleworking. Backed by our 24/7 NOC/SOC, our team of over 100 network and cyber security engineers, and leveraging a proprietary solution in the market, MGT Secure Anywhere provides a comprehensive security wrapper for your remote workforce in a flexible, per user, model.

International Women’s Day video 2020

This International Women's Day we salute the talented and inspirational women at MGT. These women (and men) offer solutions to our clients that provide an intrinsic value in improving equality and fairness in communities across the country.

Short-term rentals: Three questions a city/county should answer to benefit from this market

Short-term rentals (STRs) are a phenomenon of today's "shared economy" - a world in which technology advancements have upended traditional business models. Since 2011, the number of STR properties listed on the top four websites (e.g., Airbnb, VRBO) has exploded from about 900,000 to 8 million, an increase of almost 800%. With dramatic increase in properties participating in short-term rentals, why aren't governments seeing an increase in revenue?

MGT acquires Fiscal Choice, a financial consulting firm

National business and management consulting firm MGT Group has acquired Fiscal Choice Consulting, a Chicago, Illinois-based financial consulting and operational performance solutions firm with a national footprint. This acquisition will strengthen MGT’s financial and operations capabilities nationally, particularly in the US East.

How to weather fluctuations in building permit revenue

Economic fluctuations make it difficult for governments to break even on the cost of providing building permits, which is required in most states. Rates are based on anticipated demand, which is difficult to predict. Boom-and-bust cycles often result in either too much or too little revenue. A surplus may lead to legal trouble, while a revenue shortfall may result in budget and service cuts.

MGT spotlights its Black leadership during Black history month

MGT Group (MGT), in honor of Black History Month, is proud to feature its African American leaders who are positively impacting communities throughout the U.S. Black History Month is an annual celebration of African American achievements and recognition of those who have positively impacted and helped shape U.S. history.

Florida Clerk of Court – Study

MGT’s team of organizational efficiency review and financial performance experts successfully translated mounds of data points into succinct and scalable statewide recommendations.

Five questions to ask before your class & comp study

One of the most important projects an organization can undertake is a classification and compensation (class and comp) study. Not only will it benefit the employees to ensure they are paid fairly and equitably, but it also benefits employers because they can recruit and retain the best talent and maintain high morale, especially in a job market that is as hot as ever.

Dr. Michael Raisor joins MGT’s Education Solutions team as Senior Vice President

MGT Consulting Group's Education Solutions Group welcomes Michael Raisor, Ph.D., MBOE, LSSBB to the team as Senior Vice President of Client Services. Raisor will lead operations for the education practice and provide leadership in client relationship management and solutions development for the firm’s PK-12 education, education transformation, and higher education practice areas.
Michael Raisor, PhD

Michael Raisor, PhD

Michael leads operations and provides leadership in client relationship management and solutions development for the firm’s PK-12 education, education transformation, and higher education practice areas.
Carla Luke

Carla Luke

Carla is an accomplished C-level finance and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) leader with prior experience at multi-million dollar private equity-owned companies.

Marketing technology – Five ways to get started

In an overwhelming sea of marketing platforms, one must choose new marketing technology (MarTech) wisely according to organization size, marketing goals, and leadership expectations. Two decades ago, MarTech was as simple as published media contact lists or basic database systems that captured client and project information, but little else. In recent years, things have changed, and rapidly.
Tiffanie Reynolds

Tiffanie Reynolds

Tiffanie brings two decades of experience in strategic marketing and communications for public and private agencies across the country.

Spike in government cyber attacks calls for a “cyber transformation”

The news articles are coming in on an almost daily basis...2019 is set to be a record year for cyber breaches...Municipalities across the country, and the public sector in general, are suffering large scale cyber-attacks resulting in massive disruption to city operations, millions of dollars in losses, and the personal data of millions of citizens being compromised.
Bruce Cowans

Bruce Cowans

Bruce is a financial and management consultant with more than 35 years of experience in the public sector, having directed user fee studies for 1,000+ government agencies.
Jerry Wolf

Jerry Wolf

Jerry is an experienced financial and revenue manager whose work has resulted in the identification and recovery of several billion dollars for his clients.

Karinda Barrett, Ph.D. joins MGT’s Higher Education team as Senior Consultant

Karinda Barrett, PhD has joined MGT Consulting Group's Higher Education team as a Senior Consultant. Barrett will support the group in guiding public and private education clients through strategic planning, academic program assessments and improvement plans, economic and socio-economic impact studies, master planning, needs assessments, and feasibility studies.

University of British Columbia – Space planning study

We developed space planning criteria, determined the space needs of health science programs, identified the university health science space on campus and six teaching hospitals in the greater British Columbia area, and developed a long-range facility plan for the health science programs.

York County, SC – Human resources services

MGT developed a new classification and compensation plan for the County based upon assigned job duties and responsibilities and competitive peer markets. The study included approximately 475 employees in 1,100+ job classifications.

How to prevent cyber threats from crippling your city

For any organization, public or private, security risk assessments and penetration testing are necessary. Compliance and an ever-changing cyber threat landscape require constant threat management. However, for an agency to create a true culture of cyber security, success depends on tactics as part of a cohesive, long-term security and risk management program.

Martine Schmitt’s #MyMGTJourney is about finding, and hiring, the “best of the best”

Throughout my professional experience in human resources and recruiting, I have valued the 'human' side of the work. This likely originated during my undergraduate work in International Relations at the University of Mississippi. Here I was afforded the chance to study abroad in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Taiwan. Learning about the diversity of cultures and governments energized me!

The Financial Performance Group in Florida expands with new hire Leon Corbett

Leon Corbett has joined MGT Group as a Director within its Financial Performance Group focused on expanding MGT’s reach and client impact in the Florida market. He brings nearly two decades of experience in the government, transportation, and tourism industries. His role at MGT is to provide trusted analysis and advice to government organizations as they pursue innovative financial and funding solutions, including cost allocation plans, user fee studies, public private partnerships (P3s), and infrastructure finance.

Ricardo Cepin, CPA, CFE has joined MGT’s financial team in Tampa

Ricardo Cepin, CPA, CFE has joined MGT Consulting's Financial Performance Group. Cepin will focus on guiding public clients through performance audits, cost allocation plans, user fees studies, and public-private partnerships. MGT's firm-wide financial solutions also include impact fee studies, utility rates, and other general cost consulting.

Brandon Ledford, MMP, PMP, Prosci

Brandon is a proven human capital and operational strategy executive with 15 years of success in organizational improvement, project and change management, and process improvement.

City of Vista, CA – Fee Rate Study

The City of Vista, located in San Diego County, California, had not conducted a study of their fees since 2002. Stakeholders were questioning regarding the validity of its valuation-based fee structure.
Bret Schlyer

Bret Schlyer

Bret is a trusted advisor to government agencies on cost allocation plans, internal service funds, user fee studies, and indirect cost rate proposals.
Patrick Dyer

Patrick Dyer

Patrick (PJ) works primarily with city, county, state, special district, and joint powers authority government agencies on cost accounting and state mandated cost claim projects.
Mark Carpenter

Mark Carpenter

Mark's 30-year background focuses on revenue enhancement studies (cost of services & user fee studies) and government operations audits.

Vernetta Mitchell

Vernetta is an expert in minority business program development and has these programs for local government and private sector companies for more than two decades.
Robert W. Holloway

Robert W. Holloway

Robert brings two decades of management consulting experience across many practices, leading projects for clients in more than 30 states.

Rochester Community & Technical College – Strategic Plan

Rochester Community and Technical College’s (RCTC) goal was to develop a forward thinking, ambitious agenda to guide the Institution through the next five years as they work to provide accessible, affordable, high-quality learning opportunities, which meet students’ lifelong needs and contribute to the cultural, social, and economic development of the region.

Alabama A&M University – Strategic Plan

Alabama A&M University (AAMU) needed a ten-year strategic plan to reflect its commitment to academic excellence in meeting the changing needs of the students and laying the foundation for the future.

State of Texas – Disparity Study

One of the country's largest disparity studies in the U.S., this study assessed the State’s use of Historically Underutilized Businesses in 210 state agencies (including 148 state agencies and 52 universities).

City and County of Denver, CO – Disparity Study

We conducted a M/WBE Disparity Study to provide current data on the Denver Small Business Opportunity programs, examine availability and utilization of M/WBEs and assess the impact of race- and gender-neutral remedial efforts.
Eric Parish

Eric Parish

Eric delivers impressive results for school district turnaround and transformation which scan MGT's portfolio to include all aspects of operational and organizational performance.
A. Trey Traviesa

A. Trey Traviesa

Trey brings a storied history centered around serving his community – as a member of the Florida legislature, an officer in the US Navy Reserves, Co-founder of a K-8 Charter School, and serial entrepreneurial business leader.