Helping Clients Navigate new Texas legislation

SB 2 limits increases in property tax revenues and HB 852 prohibits Texas jurisdictions from charging residential permit and plan review fees based on project valuation. Here are some things to consider:

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Solutions Packages

Compliance Tune-Up
This service includes analysis and restructure of an agency’s residential building permit and plan review fees to ensure compliance with HB 852 requirements. The end product is a 100% HB 852 defensible fee schedule.

Residential Fee Calibration
This service analyzes inspection time, plan check time, and construction demand of residential projects and translates the results into a HB 852 compliant fee structure. We will produce an HB 852 compliant fee schedule that eliminates any unintentional subsidies. This service is particularly beneficial to agencies that haven’t recently assessed their building fees and suspect that revenues don’t align with costs.

Comprehensive Fee Schedule Analysis
This service analyzes all building and safety user fees, residential and commercial, to ensure they are HB 852 compliant and produce revenue-neutral results. However, all general fund departments that currently or potentially charge user fees could benefit from this service. We include fiscal impact projections for the proposed fee schedule and compare the schedule against fees charged by neighboring jurisdictions.