What makes an education system successful? An understanding of what an optimal environment for teaching and learning entails, and the expertise to combine that with contemporary yet realistic principles for current and future needs. That’s where our team of experts comes in – we create recommendations for our educational clients that are reliable, actionable, and based on proven research and a thorough understanding of each district or system’s program needs and long-term goals.

Our team is led by former state education commissioners, district superintendents, school board members, principals, and teachers. We also employ experts specializing in organizational transformation. When we bring this expertise together, we’re able to create recommendations that balance the importance of both academic and operational effectiveness.

We have partnered with our education clients to allow for the reinvestment of hundreds of millions of dollars back into the classroom. From performance measurement and evaluation, management reviews, business process improvement, to facility master planning, enrollment projections, and capacity and utilization, we are passionate about what we do. And what is that? We provide solutions that form the foundation of excellence for students, families, and communities across the globe.