In conjunction with a Ministry initiative to develop world class public schools, our team conducted a comprehensive facilities capacity assessment and master plan to include a capacity assessment of all school facilities and provided related professional development for Ministry personnel. Our solution involved exploring four dimensions: buildings, grounds, technology, and educational suitability. To help address curriculum programming, we provided a five-year enrollment forecast and analyzed building capacity, condition, and location. Our proprietary BASYS™ software helped us benchmark each school facility and we also deployed staff to conduct on-site facilities assessments. Our recommendations included:

  • Implementing a national facilities information database and GIS systems
  • Reconfigure grade levels to optimize utilization of current and planned facilities
  • Develop educational specifications and design guidelines by grade level
  • Final estimate was a $40B capital budget, considering renovations, closures, consolidations, and new construction

We engaged key stakeholders throughout the process which helped the Ministry of Education obtain buy-in by providing a clear set of standards, prioritization, costs, and processes for ongoing development of its educational facilities program.