Facility assessments, enhancements, and development; feasibility analyses; revenue enhancements; organizational evaluations; classification, compensation, and related human resources issues; strategic and program planning; technological enhancements; costing requirements – they are all areas and issues our clients in higher education face on a regular basis. At MGT, we understand those concerns because our professionals have been educators and administrators themselves, and have worked alongside others who are committed to fostering educational excellence on their campuses, in their communities, and across their states.

MGT’s experts offer solutions that work for the environments in which our clients operate; we understand the answers they implement must include and benefit multiple groups within the communities they serve. Students, administrators, faculty, alumni, funding resources – they all want the best for their institutions.

Anderson Strickler, a higher education student housing-focused consulting firm based in the Greater Washington, D.C. area, is now part of MGT Consulting Group. Anderson Strickler has a 20+ year track record in higher education consulting and a diverse clientele that extends through 44 states. Anderson Strickler is one of the most respected housing-focused higher education consulting firms in the United States. With the addition of this talented and experienced team, MGT Consulting Group has expanded its expertise, capabilities, and capacity in the many higher education services we offer.