Contexture: An organizational equity assessment


Contexture is a nonprofit organization that provides strategic, technical, and administrative support to communities committed to advancing health in Arizona and Colorado. Our financial services team at MGT began working with Contexture in 2021 developing a cost recovery process which allows Contexture to access additional federal funds. Due to the success of this work, Contexture leadership came back to MGT as a partner–only this time working with our DEI team.

Contexture desired to have an organizational structure that is fair, equitable, and positioned for future growth with a culture of belonging for every employee. To assess where they were in this journey, our DEI team conducted a diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) assessment which resulted in high-impact solutions. These recommendations were designed to help the company build an equitable, diverse, and inclusive organizational culture while advancing individual and community health and wellness.

Morgan Honea, MHA, Contexture’s Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer says, “This is a fantastic resource and very well done. Thank you (MGT) for your efforts on this, as this will be invaluable to our decision-making process. Truly great work!”

Our team considers equity as the foundation for the holistic solutions we provide across all markets. Equity encompasses economic, social, health and human services, education, organizational, workforce, procurement, and other public services and we are proud to be Contexture’s partner on this important project.