City and county officials live in the communities they serve. That’s why efficient operations are more impactful – serving your fellow residents so they feel safe, prioritized, and well-represented hits close to home. As former public sector leaders, our team provides all the services needed for local government agencies and organizations to make the most of their community’s resources. We provide everything from an organizational analysis to a jail privatization study to an economic impact study of a newly-implemented smoking ban. We work in partnership with our local government clients to tailor each project to their needs.

The core of what city and county administrators oversee is policy development, staffing, and finances. Our expertise in every one of these key areas will help you function better, build consensus, and implement change. Our successful outcomes on more than 10,000 consulting assignments throughout the country and internationally is due to our ability to synthesize complex information and reach conclusions that are defensible and thorough. We partner with you to help reach what every community seeks to provide – a place for people that is responsive, inclusive, and safe.