We drive results for education and help you develop more effective and efficient operations that lead to successful campuses, students, and communities.

Our team understands the higher education landscape. From operations to planning, curriculum to branding; there is no aspect of the institution where our experts have not been involved.

Prior to joining our team, our staff served directly as faculty and administrators and have personally tackled the same challenges you are facing. Students, administrators, faculty, alumni, and donors – they all want the best for their institutions. And we do, too. With more than 900+ projects complete for more than 450 higher education institutions, we are the trusted advisors for your next consulting project.


Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the cornerstone to successful organizations. A good strategic plan serves as a roadmap for keeping an institution on course. In addition, strategic planning moves an entity from reactive to proactive by connecting goals, strategies, performance measures, and action plans to an overall resource allocation process. Our team partners with Institutions to envision the future and develop the necessary actions to bring that vision to life.

Economic Impact & Socio-Economic Impact

Higher education leaders need to demonstrate the impact and contribution their institution makes to their community both economically and socially. Our specialty is in providing this proof.

Education Master Planning

A planning framework to accommodate enrollment growth and meet state needs that clarify an institution’s vision and mission. It focuses on the college’s functions, access, enrollment, and affordability. A living and evolving document with goals and tactics to achieve success outlined.

Feasibility Studies/Needs Assessments

Whether starting a new program, constructing a new building, or embarking on a large-scale operational change, assessing the feasibility can be the difference between success or failure. Our method includes the technical, economic, legal, operations, finance, and scheduling to provide you with an accurate picture of your proposed project.

Often done in combination with feasibility, a needs assessment includes new program development, recalibration of existing programs to meet changing needs and credentialing, identifying opportunities to expand degree and continuing education access in a specific geographic location, or simply to determine if a program is no longer viable.

Grant Evaluations

Evaluation helps Colleges and Universities assess the quality or impact of their funded programs, plan and implement new programs, make future grant decisions, and demonstrate accountability to the public trust.


On/Off Campus Market Surveys

We have a procedure for conducting surveys with campus constituents that: protect community members’ privacy, monitor survey frequency and redundancy in order to avoid survey fatigue, ensure the quality of surveys distributed, and ensure the safety of data collection and usage.

Facility Condition Assessments

Our experts can perform an analysis of the condition of a facility or a group of facilities that may vary in terms of age, design, construction methods, and materials.

Residential Strategic Plans

We’ll help set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, ensure that employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals, establish agreement around intended outcomes/results, and assess and adjust the organization’s direction in response to the student housing changing environment.

Due Diligence Studies

We can help you collect and examine prior and current data about your campus or facilities and its surroundings, following by recommendations on what type of action is feasible in the future.