We drive results for our education partners, helping develop effective and efficient solutions – both from student outcomes and operations perspectives.

Our team is led by former state education commissioners, district superintendents, school board members, principals, and teachers. We also employ experts specializing in organizational transformation. When we bring this expertise together, we’re able to create recommendations that balance the importance of both academic and operational effectiveness. We have partnered with our education clients to allow for the reinvestment of hundreds of millions of dollars back into the classroom.

Part of our success is based upon our commitment to be flexible and responsive. We are aware of the political, economic, social, and technological disruptors in today’s education systems. We’ve delivered more than 2,000 projects through a careful balance of addressing the needs of our clients, while maintaining the vision and direction towards achieving their long-term goals


Large-Scale Turnaround

Our turnaround teams partner with school systems to improve student outcomes, operations, enrollment, and finances, either for a single school or an entire district.

Strategic Planning & Implementation

     A good strategic plan serves as a road map for keeping an institution of course. In addition, strategic planning moves an entity from reactive to proactive by connecting goals, strategies, performance measures, and action plans to an overall resource allocation process. Our team partners with districts to envision the future and develop the necessary actions to bring that vision to life.

Program Assessments & Improvement Plans

We partner with clients to select or review curriculum, align with standards, and professionally coach and develop teachers and other staff as required.


Facilities Master Planning

MGT works with district on multi-faceted long-term facilities planning. Assisted by our proprietary program BASYS, this includes facility conditions and education suitability, enrollment forecasting and capacity analysis. We have delviered more than 300 master plans across the globe. 

Performance & Efficiency Reviews

MGT can help districts save tens of thousands of dollars by assessing and upgrading basic operations to the most efficient and effective use of human and financial resources.