Frederick County, Maryland, Selects MGT to Perform Disparity Study


Frederick County, Md. – Frederick County Government leaders have retained MGT, a public sector consulting firm, to perform a disparity study. MGT is a nationally recognized social impact and performance leader, with a reputation as one of the largest disparity study providers in the country.

The study will help determine if race, ethnicity, or gender has affected a firm’s ability to do business in the Frederick County, Maryland, marketplace. The study will also analyze if there is equal access to the Frederick County Government’s contracting opportunities and provide best practices.

Frederick County, Maryland, is part of the Golden Triangle and located 45 minutes from both Baltimore and Washington, D.C., in northern Maryland bordering Pennsylvania and Virginia. The largest county in Maryland at 663 square miles, Frederick County is also Maryland’s fastest-growing county and the fastest-growing county in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Frederick County is home to approximately 250,000 residents and more than 9,000 businesses employing more than 100,000 workers. Learn more about Frederick County Government at

“It’s essential that we conduct a disparity study so we can identify any areas where Frederick County Government may need to improve,” County Executive Jessica Fitzwater said. “We must address any inequities head on to ensure everyone in our community has the opportunity to reach their full potential.”

Frederick County Government encourages participation and input from the local business community throughout the study. Questions about the study can be directed to Andres Bernal at

MGT has conducted more unchallenged disparity studies than any other consulting firm in the country. The firm will focus on Frederick County Government’s utilization of vendors from underrepresented communities across its entire vendor community. The results will help the MGT team provide recommendations to the county government that, when implemented, will improve equity among contracting and purchasing processes.

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Publish Date

Posted on June 20, 2023