MGT is now partnered with EH&A to further impact across California


MGT Group (MGT), a national leader in management and technology services for state, local and education agencies announced today its combination with Eric Hall & Associates (EH&A). This partnership elevates EH&A’s capabilities by enhancing its portfolio to include MGT’s full suite of services while expanding its footprint to a national level. For MGT, this combination represents an expansion in solutions offerings to education clients in California and beyond, courtesy of EH&A’s knowledgeable team, boasting 32-years of experience at the school district leadership level.

EH&A provides facility planning and construction management, financial, and organizational solutions. Powered by former top superintendents and administrators for K-12 districts from across California, the team offers expertise in long-range facilities master plans, architect and demographic consultant selection, classroom and school site enrollment capacity analysis, real estate advice, acquisition and site analysis, budgeting and funding solutions, and human resources studies and training programs.

MGT CEO and Chairman, Trey Traviesa, said, “Joining forces with EH&A provides a strategic advantage to our clients as the alignment of our expertise will allow us to provide a more robust suite of services to solve the most impactful challenges, furthering our ability to support in the most precarious and ever-changing environments.”

The combined MGT/EH&A team now offers an additional breadth of experience in critical areas such as IT managed services, network and cyber security solutions, diversity, equity, and inclusion programs and training, and disparity research and availability studies – all greatly impactful to those most disenfranchised or at-risk within California communities. Traviesa continues, “We’re committed to impacting our communities for good, which translates into enhancing our ability to provide high-quality, transformational solutions to clients across the country. Our combination with EH&A demonstrates our commitment to drive positive impact within California communities.”

MGT has partnered with more than 36 state departments of education, worked in districts in every state, and impacted more than 50 million students across the country. To learn more, please visit


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Publish Date

Posted on May 18, 2022