Cyber security has become a top priority for public-sector entities, especially given the large amount of sensitive information on individuals they handle. The need to protect IT environments, safeguard sensitive data, and secure key assets has never been greater. An ever-changing threat landscape and increasing global connectivity are resulting in an unprecedented quantity of data breaches and security incidents. This situation is not going to improve by itself.

MGT has answered this rising need with a comprehensive range of information security services that will help local and state government agencies and educational institutions harden their overall security posture and make cyber security a core competency.

What We Do

Virtual Compliance Officer

To meet multiple information-security compliance requirements, IT departments face a stream of assessment operations. This results in major disruption to IT, inefficiencies in assessing existing controls, and incremental costs throughout the year. Furthermore, it typically results in a reactive, rather than proactive and strategic, approach to information security.

MGT can streamline all your compliance requirements and:

  • Minimize disruption to IT and other key stakeholders
  • Maximize savings by consolidating risk assessment efforts
  • Build security into your ongoing operations to avoid relying on a purely reactive “point in time” design approach

Security Risk Assessments

Information security risks are grave and include the potential for damage to the agency and the public it serves due to loss of confidentiality, integrity, or availability of information.

MGT’s risk assessment services provide the foundation to protect you and the people who entrust their information to you against critical risks with an optimal information security program. Our seasoned team of experts specializes in applying industry best practices and proven methodologies from standards such as National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) or ISO. As experts in complex risk assessment engagements, we analyze your risk challenges and help you assess the critical elements as they relate to the context of your organizational context.

Asset Classification
Vulnerability Discovery
Controls Assessment
Threat Assessment
Risk Formulation
Impact and Likelihood Assessment


Penetration Testing Services

MGT uses a seasoned team of penetration testers to uncover critical risks to your assets, IT infrastructure, and custom web applications. Our testers will safely execute real-world attack simulations to push your systems to the limit and identify vulnerabilities that can compromise the integrity of your organization and the privacy of the public.

Internal/External Network Penetration Tests
Wireless Penetration Tests
Web and Mobile Application
Penetration Tests
Physical Penetration Tests
PCI Compliance Penetration Tests
Social Engineering


Security Training and Awareness

With today’s threat landscape, it has become vital to create a vigilant culture within which every employee is empowered to prevent and detect attacks, knows how to respond to security incidents and can serve your community in a secure and compliant manner.

MGT answers this need with several levels of Training Service that respond to a range of needs, whether you are looking for basic compliance response and best practices or a fully-managed holistic training program (implemented by MGT partner CyberSequr) to establish cyber security awareness as a core competency. We also offer hands-on learning exercises and on-going testing to boost staff preparedness for phishing attacks and reduce the risk of employee-generated threats.

Security Awareness Programs
Fully Managed Security Awareness Programs
Custom Security Training Services
Managed Phishing Testing and Training