MGT’s facilities master planning engagements assist educational institutions serving all student levels – from early childhood through post-secondary education.

Our PK-12 Facilities practice began in 1988, and has helped school districts, state departments of education, and boards of education across the country develop or refine standards for educational facilities, assess the impact of current and future educational programs, determine future enrollments and demographics, analyze the capacity and utilization of school buildings, and generate short- and long-range facility scenarios that are educationally sound and community-based.

The Higher Education team works closely with architectural and planning partners to develop a full campus master plan for our university and college clients. In these engagements, MGT typically examines space utilization and space needs and aligns them with academic, student, and support service delivery requirements.

It is our philosophy that educational programs should drive facility decisions and long-range plans, and not vice versa. A facility plan must be solidly based on an educational plan, both what currently exists and what is needed for success in the future. This philosophy grounds MGT through conducting hundreds of studies across the United States and several foreign countries.