In today’s age of limited resources, expanded competition, and consumer choice options, college and university academic leaders continuously review the degree programs and other instructional opportunities they offer to various constituents across the markets they serve. These efforts often include new program development, recalibration of existing programs to meet changing needs and credentialing, identification of opportunities to expand degree and continuing education access in a specific geographic location, or simply to determine if a program is no longer viable. For more than four decades, MGT has provided a tested cadre of services to conduct academic needs assessments or market studies that help inform an institution’s critical programmatic decisions from an independent, analytical, data-driven perspective. Our clients include colleges, universities, higher education systems, and coordinating agencies, as well as local community based entities.

The specific services MGT provides (either independently or in combination) as part of a needs assessment study include:

  • Community Stakeholder Input (Focus Groups & Surveys)
  • Educational Attainment/Participation Analytics
  • Employment/Occupational Supply/Demand Assessment
  • Industry Sector Needs Analysis (Skills and Credentials)
  • Instructional/Degree Program Inventory Comparisons
  • Market Demographic Analysis
  • Occupational Capacity/Program Availability Alignment
  • Program Delivery Options
  • Program Demand Estimation