Evaluation is critical to identifying, monitoring, and managing success. For over 40 years, the professionals at MGT have assisted organizations across the country with improving productivity, enhancing effectiveness, and increasing efficiency through evaluations that can be both formative and summative. Our evaluations can be comprehensive, gathering information using qualitative and quantitative data. Our evaluations can review evidence of implementation – what was done, as well as evidence of impact – what difference did it make. Our studies result in essential, well-documented data that our clients need to make important decisions.

Program evaluation can be defined as assessing the effectiveness of a program in achieving its objectives. This is accomplished through design standards that evaluate the processes and/or the outcomes using quantitative and qualitative data.

Program evaluations can:

  • Present evidence of program effectiveness to stakeholders and funders of initiatives
  • Provide support for continued or increased funding
  • Improve the effectiveness related to outcomes of programs
  • Provide for best practices and accomplishments either within one entity or across all entities

Our team of experts has extensive experience in conducting such evaluations and our evaluators follow the standards set by the American Evaluation Association. We offer our clients an understanding of how sound business practices are applied, and we design our recommendations for improvement based on our long history of performing such evaluations.