We are well on our way to becoming the organization we aspire to be – evidenced by the many financial, operational and cultural improvements we have successfully undertaken over the last two years.

We’ve taken flight.

To take our Journey of Meaning to the next level, we’re working to elevate ourselves as a cohesive, dedicated team. That’s why we’re assembling nationwide to view our CEO’s first “State of the Journey” address. And why, for our second annual Bull by the Horns Award, we are asking for everyone’s nominations.

You are on this Journey. Whether you are a Summit participant or Town Hall attendee, this is a great opportunity to learn and make your impact felt. And don’t forget to share your experience in words and pictures! #MGTElevates


What are we doing?
Sharing information and building connections.

When is this happening?
May 6-7

Where are we gathering?
Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay, Tampa FL
2900 Bayport Dr, Tampa, FL 33607
Complimentary parking is available in the garage across from the main entrance.

Who will be there?
Senior Practice Management Team and Selected Staff

What we need you to do

@Catapult — Vote for the best
@ForceandFirepower  — Nominate Excellence — Bull by the Horns Award
@CultureClimb  Team-Building and Our Culture


What are we doing?
CEO “State of the Journey” address, Town Hall question and answer session,
Awards ceremony

When is this happening?
May 7, 10:30am – 12:30pm

Where are we gathering?
Via webcast in boardrooms and on computers nationwide

Who will be there?
All team members of MGT and Strategos

What we need you to do

@TheJourney Your Questions for Trey
@ForceandFirepower Bull by the Horns Award – Your Nomination Counts


Our strategy on this Journey is to leverage our vast body of work, the unique capabilities and character of our people and our recognized brand in order to move ourselves into the position of a focused, competitive and trusted public-sector consulting leader.

As part of that strategy, we defined six principles of internal success —

Meaningful and purposeful work

Trusted leadership

A world-class work environment

An ethos of authenticity and excellence

Strategic growth

Compelling and consistent financial results

Our Bull by the Horns Award began in 2017 as a way to recognize and reward employees that embodied these principles in ways that contribute to the success of all of us.

This year, we are involving all of our employees in the awards process.
Each of you is invited –- and encouraged — to nominate a member of the MGT team for the 2018 Bull by the Horns Award.

It’s a simple process. Click on the Nomination Form in your personalized email to begin. If you have technical issues or trouble accessing the nomination form, please contact Diana Goldstein at dgoldstein@mgtconsulting.com.

The deadline for company-wide voting is Monday, April 23th at noon and the final selection will be determined by an advisory committee composed of team members representing several practice areas, corporate leadership and Human Resources.


At the 2018 MGT Leadership Summit, we will be building on the steps of our Journey of Meaning and the climb to the kind of culture we want at MGT as we established them at the Dallas and Chicago Leadership Summits.  This year, you will be participating in a very special @CultureClimb exercise that kicks off a new level of team building and collaborative effort.

Studies have shown that culture is a leading indicator of a strong company that is able to grow and sustain success over time. No company is stronger than the cooperative bond among its people.

Last year, we rated ourselves on the five potential dysfunctions of a team – absence of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability and inattention to results — and noted that our scores had improved over the prior year but still left room for advancement. 

We also set standards for what we want our leadership to be, including positive, empathetic, encouraging and mentoring.

This year we will be instituting a company-wide Professional Development System. The science-based understanding we achieve through this program will help in hiring, promoting, professional training and team design plus help build a culture of self-awareness, empathy, cohesion and trust, within which all our people – and our company – can ELEVATE themselves to their highest level.

We’re starting this program with you. And six minutes. That’s all it takes to fill out a science-based questionnaire that may surprise you with new knowledge about yourself. 

At the Summit, you will be placed into a team to perform a unique exercise designed to explore how personalities affect our responses to situations and how we can resolve conflicts more efficiently by knowing the personality types involved.

We intend for this System to become an integral part of our culture and daily support in our cooperative endeavors, mentoring activities and individual climb to be the best version of ourselves.


During our two-day Summit, we will be hearing @Catapult pitch presentations from all twelve practice areas of MGT Consulting and Strategos Group. We expect the process to be extremely informative, with information not only on each practice’s financial performance and initiatives, as last year, but also on their market differentiation, goals, growth initiatives, perceived risks and proposed mitigations.  

We are also upping the level of engagement and excitement by making this pitch event a contest and asking you to help choose a winner. You will be rating each pitch in the five criteria areas: Market Analysis, Competition, Service Analysis, Risk Mitigation, Financials and Budget.

You’ll receive an email on the first morning of the Summit with a link to access the platform used to vote. You will be given time to enter your ratings after each pitch and will submit them all at once after pitches and ratings are completed on Day 2.

The cumulative quantitative ratings for the five weighted criteria will determine the winning practice. You will also have an opportunity to help the practices by providing qualitative feedback and suggestions, but these will not factor into the contest scores.

The top-rated practice will be awarded funding for a team-building exercise of their choice.