Our Team

  • A. Trey Traviesa

    CEO & Chairman of the Board

    Trey brings a storied history centered around serving his community – as a member of the Florida legislature, an officer in the US Navy Reserves, Co-founder of a K-8 Charter School, and serial entrepreneurial business leader.

  • Fred Seamon, PhD

    Executive Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion

    Fred brings more than 35 years of experience analyzing the structure, operations, and policies of public sector and nonprofit agencies. He specializes in conducting research related to access, equity, and disparities in education, business, and human services.

  • J. Bradley Burgess

    Executive Vice President, Financial Solutions

    Brad leads MGT's Financial Solutions practice, and has advised government leaders on topics like public policy strategy, cost allocation methodologies, user fee analysis, state claims and grant applications, and negotiations with state and federal authorities.

  • Carla Luke

    Chief Finanical Officer

    Carla is an accomplished C-level finance and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) leader with prior experience at multi-million dollar private equity-owned companies.

  • Eric Parish

    Executive Vice President, Education Solutions

    Eric brings a broad range of public sector management and operations experience to MGT clients, including more than 25 years of consulting with school districts, cities, counties, and state agencies.

  • Michael Raisor, PhD

    Senior Vice President, Education Solutions

    Michael leads operations and provides leadership in client relationship management and solutions development for the firm’s PK-12 education, education transformation, and higher education practice areas.

  • Patrick Dyer

    Vice President, Financial Solutions

    Patrick (PJ) brings more than twenty years of professional experience in government operations. He has worked with city, county, state, special district, and joint powers authority government agencies on cost accounting and state mandated cost claim projects.

  • Melanie Hicks, PhD

    Vice President, Education Solutions

    Melanie believes in the power of higher education to change the course of human history on a broad and an individual scale. She’s devoted her career to leading policy and organizational change for not just her education clients, but small businesses and nonprofits as well.

  • Robert W. Holloway

    Senior Vice President, Strategy

    Robert brings two decades of management consulting experience across many practices, leading projects for serving clients in more than 30 states. His expertise is in evidence-based strategic planning, informed by stakeholder engagement and economic, educational, and demographic data.

  • Brandon W. Ledford, MMP, PMP

    Vice President, Human Capital

    For more than a decade, Brandon has assisted global clients with human capital, management consulting, strategy, public policy, revenue performance management, business transformation, data analytics, and project management.

  • Tony Martinez

    Vice President, Cyber Security and Technology, CTO

    Tony is passionate about helping agencies execute and implement strategic, comprehensive, and value-driven cyber security and IT solutions. With a focus on hardening the overall security posture and privacy of public entity information systems, he is an advocate for Infosec and IT professionals in helping build these core competencies.

  • Bret Schlyer

    Vice President, Financial Solutions

    Bret brings more than twenty-six years of experience assisting state and local government clients on a variety of financial performance projects like state-wide and local government central service cost allocation plans, internal service funds rate development, user fee studies, and indirect cost rate proposals.

  • Bruce Cowans

    Director, Financial Solutions

    Bruce is a financial and management consultant with more than 35 years of experience in the public sector environment. He has directed user fee studies for more than 1,000 government agencies and advised on operations and policy.

  • Jerry Wolf

    Director, Financial Solutions

    Jerry is an experienced financial and revenue manager working with state and local agencies with more than three decades of experience. Jerry's project work has resulted in the identification and recovery of several billion dollars for his clients.

  • Mark Carpenter

    Director, Financial Solutions

    Over the past three decades, Mark has developed a background richly familiar in local government consulting, with a primary focus on revenue enhancement studies like cost of services and user fee rate studies, and auditing of government operations.

  • Jeff Wakefield

    Senior Manager, Financial Solutions

    Jeff has nearly three decades of experience includes senior positions with three major consulting firms, all in roles focused on governmental cost accounting.

  • Tiffanie Reynolds

    Director, Marketing and Communications

    Tiffanie brings two decades of experience in strategic marketing and communications for public and private agencies across the Southeast. Her efforts have helped clients win more than $3 billion in new projects, created campaigns to increase social media engagement by 300%, and elevated brand awareness through traditional and digital media efforts.