Webinar: Harnessing the Benefits of Disparity Studies


Government leaders are striving to understand the extent of disparities, identify underlying causes, and develop targeted strategies to promote equity and inclusivity within their communities. We’re seeing more and more of these agencies engage in disparity studies for tailored insights and data-driven recommendations.

Our on-demand webinar, “Building Equitable Communities: Harnessing the Benefits of Disparity Studies,” is a valuable resource for these public agencies interested in conducting disparity studies or learning more about the process. Experts Vernetta Mitchell and Andres Bernal from MGT and Pat Foster from the City of Richmond discuss the benefits of these studies, the methodology used, and how partners like MGT ensure the integrity of data-driven recommendations.

Pat Foster shares her experience helping drive the team from the City of Richmond’s perspective, including why the city invested in it, how they received funding, and the challenges the team faced. Our speakers also discuss the recent Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action and its potential impact on equity work.

Interested in learning more about disparity studies and how they can benefit your city, county, or school district?

Publish Date

Posted on July 20, 2023