Tampa, FL – The need for public-sector organizations to protect their IT environments, safeguard sensitive data, and secure key assets, has never been greater. An ever-changing threat landscape and our global need for connectivity has resulted in an unprecedented quantity of data breaches and security incidents.

Even local and state governments are experiencing cyber-attacks more frequently, and sophisticated attacks are targeting essential services on which communities and families rely. Preventing, defending against and recovering from cyber-attacks are activities of increasing priority and complexity.

To meet the broad demand, MGT Consulting Group has expanded to add a new capabilities area. MGT Cyber Security (“MGT Cyber”) covers:

  • Cyber Security Risk Assessments: Assessment of an organization’s security controls to protect its critical data and IT infrastructure
  • Penetration Testing: Vulnerability assessment from an attacker’s (hacker) vantage point to identify and fix IT infrastructure vulnerabilities within an organization’s IT environment
  • Data Security and Privacy Compliance Assessments: Assessments for the following standards: HIPAA, IRS p 1075, PCI-DSS, CJIS, NIST, FERPA, COPPA, CIPA, SOX, ISO 27001, FIPS, FISMA
  • Security Training and Awareness: Training for an organization’s work force on best practice behaviors around information security and privacy
  • Managed Security Services: Implementation and management of security software and hardware to help secure an agency’s IT environment
  • Digital Forensics and Incident Response: Post-attack investigation and business recovery planning and assistance

New Staff Brings High-Level Expertise

Tony Martinez

To lead this endeavor, Tony Martinez has joined the MGT leadership team as Vice President of Cyber Security. Originally from Spain and residing with his family in Tampa, Tony has a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from University of South Florida and an MBA from Florida Institute of Technology. Tony has a reputation for serving, with over 15+ years of experience in the private and public sector, conducting complete vulnerability assessments, full security risk assessments, penetration testing services, physical penetration testing, security code reviews, compliance engagements, and more.

With a well-rounded background in IT and Information Security, Tony will deliver on a multitude of critical technological components of a project. Tony has built a reputation as serving not only as a partner in the execution of the work, but as a trusted advisor in implementing strategic solutions.

About MGT Consulting​

MGT Consulting was established in Florida in 1974 and employs a team of highly experienced public-sector professionals who understand the challenges faced by public-sector leaders across America. The firm operates from regional offices across the country and has conducted business in all 50 states, through more than 8,500 client engagements. Focusing on Government Consulting, PK-12 and Higher Education, Financial Services, Disparity, Human Capital and Cyber-Security, MGT has grown into a national consulting leader that truly understands how to impact the environments in which public sector organizations plan, organize, execute and operate.

MGT Consulting provides high-quality, high-value consulting solutions that power the work of the public professional in order to advance the lives of the citizens they serve.