This month, MGT Consulting Group announced that retired United States Navy Admiral Eric Olson joins MGT as Special Advisor to the growing public-sector consulting company.

With a foundation of 40+ years in business, an established reputation and renowned subject matter experts, MGT is set on a path of robust near-term growth. The company’s mission to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government, nonprofit, and other organizations serving the public is accomplished through specialized small teams with expertise in Financial Services, PK-12 Education, Higher Education, Disparity Studies, State and Local Government Consulting, Cyber-Security and Human Capital Services.

Effectively motivating and managing the activity and efficiency of these teams as the company grows is of strategic importance and Admiral Olson is one of the top experts in the world on this subject.

Olson served as the commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) from 2007–2011. Olson was the first three- and then the first four-star Navy SEAL, as well as the first naval officer to be USSOCOM’s combatant commander. During his tenure as America’s top special operations officer, he was responsible for recruiting, training, equipping, and deploying broadly capable forces worldwide. Olson is known as a visionary and an action-oriented leader who stayed connected with his forces at all levels.

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said, “As a result of his hard work, we now have the best-trained, the best-equipped, and the most experienced Special Operations Force in the history of the United States.”

Olson retired from active duty after more than 38 years of service marked by diverse experiences, valor and strong leadership. Having developed the best of the best, Admiral Eric Olson now addresses the building, training, and leading of highly effective teams.

MGT CEO Trey Traviesa introduced Olson during a recent all-employees Town Hall webcast event, saying “Like SEALS, our teams traverse the country performing complex missions with countless variables. It is enlightening and inspiring to have the guidance of a man like this who has been at the forefront of thought about how to build, deploy and manage small, agile teams. We are certain he will be of immense help in raising our company to the next level of performance and service.”

About MGT Consulting

MGT Consulting was established in Florida in 1974, and has enjoyed a long and distinguished history. The MGT team consists of highly experienced public sector professionals who understand the solutions to the challenges faced by public sector leaders across America.

The firm operates from regional offices across the country and has conducted business in all 50 states as well as several foreign countries in over 8,500 client engagements. MGT has grown into a national consulting leader – focusing on PreK-20 Education and Workforce, Municipal Financial Services and Disparity and Equity Services – that truly understands how to impact the environments in which public sector organizations plan, organize, execute and operate.

MGT Consulting provides high-quality, high-value consulting solutions that power the work of the public professional in order to advance the lives of the citizens they serve. The professionals at MGT work skillfully, efficiently, and objectively to create solutions that advance each client’s purpose and provide a meaningful return on investment for clients and their stakeholders. MGT is a recognized brand that leverages its vast body of work, and the unique capability and character of its people, to grow as a focused, competitive, and trusted public sector consulting leader with compelling and consistent financial results.

About Strategos Group

Strategos Group, a high-value, multi-state public affairs consulting firm, provides strategic counsel to top-level executives to achieve high-impact public results. The firm’s three service offerings: Government Advocacy, Business Transaction Advisory, and Public Opinion Architecture, meet a wide variety of dynamic client needs. With profound knowledge and experience in the legislative and regulatory processes, strategic relationships, business expertise, and political and policy insight, the Strategos team is equipped to achieve high-impact public sector outcomes for its clients.

Strategos’ ability to impact client objectives through strategic communications is a key aspect of the firm’s unique proposition. Through experience and strength in public advocacy campaigns, community outreach and engagement, crisis and reputation management, digital strategy and implementation, government affairs, media relations, and business transactions, Strategos clients have broad access to powerful platforms and channels to meet their needs. In addition, Strategos is a trusted advisor, accountable partner and growth driver for its clients in the areas of public procurement, business-to-business development, public-private partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, real estate and private equity.