DeSoto County Schools, FL – External operator


Our team is providing External Operator (EO) services to Nocatee Elementary School in DeSoto County School District. We initially conducted a Needs Assessment and developed a plan for improvement. The focus for the first year of EO services was to implement systems of instructional design and delivery that increase the likelihood that students will experience rigorous and effective teaching aligned to state standards. To this end, new professional learning services that not only include a combination of virtual and in-person collaborative planning sessions but also an increase in the frequency of professional learning opportunities has contributed to an average academic performance that seems to be trending toward meeting grade-level expectations. In addition, we are training instructional staff on data analysis and utilization. A final key component is community engagement and stakeholder facilitation to ensure the community understands the District’s commitment to improvement, as well as providing periodic updates on achievements. To-date, results include:

  • Working with the District, we redesigned and funded the incentive payment plan for teachers to fill vacancies.
  • We continue to make progress towards grade-level proficiency.
  • We hold regular community engagement meetings which are held in both English and Spanish in our effort fully engage the demographic served by the District.

Publish Date

Posted on March 11, 2019


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