Our Mission

Accelerating Social Impact and Improving Performance

To achieve our mission of being the social impact and performance leader in our industry, we are continuously improving to earn the privilege of being selected as our clients’ partner of choice in the mission-critical domains we impact. By elevating education systems, managing and securing critical networks, solving complex human capital and fiscal problems, and advancing equity as a performance imperative, we can impact communities, for good through client partnership. We deliver these solutions through our “three-point stance” of technology, education, and performance offerings.

With our long-term vision of creating profound social impact through client performance, we seek out the “best of the best” to join us in our work supporting clients’ top priorities.

Our Businesses


Our Technology Solutions business supports state, local, education agencies and private companies as they seek to improve and protect their network infrastructure and data for greater resiliency. We offer world-class IT infrastructure management, cyber security and strategic IT and Security. We specialize in Managed Security Services, IT Network Infrastructure, and Cloud and Digital Transformation, providing proven systems and an experienced team to not only provide 24x7x365 Managed Detection & Response (MDR) to protect against cyber threats, but also build, maintain, and manage IT infrastructure. Our deep engineering expertise is foundational to all of MGT’s technology solutions.

MGT Technology

Engineering and advancing cyber security and network solutions to protect IT infrastructure 24/7/365

Layer 3 Communications

Leading next-generation networks to serve the world’s most demanding IT needs

Cira Infotech

Transforming and optimizing cyber security in IT infrastructure for 24/7 proactive defense


IT infrastructure

We provide redundant cloud hosting facilities and resources in three locations. We also offer network management and support, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and business continuity.

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IT Managed Solutions

We offer 24X7 SOC monitoring services, covering both MDR and EDR and we help review and update your systems to help keep your organization protected.

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IT Security Solutions

Our IT security solutions team offers hands-on cyber security engineering and remediation work, 24×7 network monitoring, full firewall management capabilities, assessments and testing, and compliance support.

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Strategic IT Staffing

Our IT staffing services offer the expertise and flexibility that our clients need to augment their teams in a way that is productive, convenient, and cost-effective through a global database of applicants.

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Our Education Solutions originate in our commitment to ensuring that every student has access to a high-quality education as they discover and realize their profound potential. From pre-K-12 to higher education, we partner with schools, districts, state agencies and colleges and universities to deliver performance improvement and innovation/transformation planning and implementation. We measure, map and manage enrollment and facilities improvement so clients can meet the instructional, operational and fiscal demands of a rapidly changing education landscape.

MGT Education

Transforming and innovating education to maximize student engagement and organizational effectiveness


Leading experts in school district master planning and facility management


Driving high-quality education for all children to improve lives and communities

Davis Demographics

Advancing school districts with powerful GIS analytics for boundary planning and forecasting

Ed Direction

Accelerating student success with data-driven performance management services

Step By Step Learning

Implementing Structured Literacy and evidenced-based practices to accelerate children to reading at grade level


Education Performance

We are in the business of providing creative operational support and solutions to PK-12 and Higher Education clients that improve and enrich the lives of students while providing capacity, objectivity, and expertise to organizational leaders.

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Education Transformation

This team offers turnaround support, comprehensive district management, and improvement services to help distressed or low-performing schools achieve comprehensive change in leadership, teaching and learning, school culture and climate, and family and community engagement.

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Education Strategy

We support leaders committed to transformative change and educational opportunities, particularly for our most vulnerable children, by providing strategic consulting, products and data tools, and shoulder-to-shoulder support services across the country.

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Our Performance Solutions team provide world-class financial, human capital and equity solutions which enable clients to fully realize the potential of their most valuable resources. Through our fiscal management and operational efficiency assessments, human capital performance, and equity optimization solutions, we empower our clients to generate critical income, grow human capital, and maximize access to MWBE partnerships that elevate enterprise performance objectives.

Organizational Solutions

Driving data-driven improvements to increase organizational effectiveness and maximize resources

GovHR USA, GovTemps USA

Comprehensive executive recruitment, interim staffing, human resources consulting and organizational analysis consulting services


Organizational Solutions

Are you looking to drive transformation? Your business is our priority, no matter the challenges or obstacles you may encounter. Our experts take the time to understand your organization and culture to deliver tangible results through a hands-on partnership. Anticipating skills required in a future workplace and addressing talent and leadership gaps, in addition to the policies and programs associated, helps transform and drive change “for good” within your organization.

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Financial Solutions

Public agencies optimize their scarce resources through a series of decisions related to revenue and spending. Understanding the full cost of public services, and how internal costs should be allocated, is at the heart of government financial decision-making. MGT has assisted public agencies across the country with these critical choices for nearly half a decade.

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Disparity Solutions

MGT is one of the largest solutions providers of disparity studies and proud to have conducted more unchallenged studies than any other consulting firm in the country.

Our team of experts has helped clients produce accurate, valid, and legally defensible disparity studies that engage the community and stakeholders. We evaluate and examine contracting, procurement, and workforce inequalities to bring our clients answers and recommendations to help create a more equitable environment.

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Human Capital Solutions

Your business is our priority, no matter the challenges or obstacles you may encounter, and human capital management is one of the most important drivers of an organization’s performance. We focus on building your internal talent and processes throughout the entire HR lifecycle so that your organizational is agile yet resilient, efficient yet innovative.

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Our Portfolio

Nationally-recognized. Locally-focused.

We partner with cities, counties, school districts, higher education institutions, state agencies and commercial leaders to deliver mission-critical, technology-driven innovation and performance. Our highly-specialized solutions, supported by our national reach and workforce, deep industry and technology expertise, power high-value client partnerships that address priorities at the top of the leadership agenda.

Defined By Impact

Making a profound impact on society is at the heart of who we are and what we do. The data, charts, graphs, and surveys prove it. But seeing lives improved is how we really measure our mutual success.

Driven By People

People are the driving force behind the impact we create. Our people—the challenge seekers, the problem solvers. The people we work with to help better their communities. And above all, the people within the community whose lives we positively impact.

Dedicated To The Community

We see your community as our community. We've worked in the public sector and understand the challenges you face. We think in the long-term—for relationships and solutions. That's why we're deeply committed to helping you bring out the best in your community.

How Can We Partner With You?

We offer global expertise in education, state and local, and private/non profit industries. Coupled with local knowledge and partnerships, our experts devise solutions specific to your unique challenges to achieve exceptional outcomes.

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