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In the ever-changing technological landscape, threat actors never rest. Having fortified, up-to-date IT systems are no longer optional; it’s the foundation for a strong organization. Now, more than ever, businesses need a rock-solid IT infrastructure, laser-focused cyber security monitoring, and expert IT staff to monitor and manage complex systems. Enhance, secure, and optimize your IT ecosystem with our comprehensive suite of cutting-edge technology solutions.

With MGT’s Managed Cyber Security Solutions, our team of 300+ certified technical engineers defend against cyber threats while monitoring your IT systems 24/7 to ensure real-time risk detection and rapid incident response. Through our Complex Infrastructure Engagements, we provide critical systems creation, management, and optimization. Leveraging the power of the cloud, our Cloud & Managed Solutions offer standardized and custom services for network management, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and business continuity.  

Evaluate and align technology with your business goals and identify security gaps with our Cyber Security IT Assessments and Strategic Planning. Our Professional IT Staffing services provide access to a large pool of skilled IT professionals, vetted rigorously to meet your team’s unique needs. 

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Managed Cyber Security Solutions
Defend against evolving cyber security threats with MGT’s Managed Security Solutions. Our solutions are crafted to your organization’s needs and include real-time, 24×7 monitoring, proactive threat detection, and rapid incident response. We ensure your organization remains resilient in the face of cyber challenges.  

Our Security Operations Centers (SOC) and Network Operations Centers (NOC) are located in the US. Our Cyber Fusion Centers transcend traditional SOCs by fusing detection, response, threat intelligence correlations, and data science under one roof. 

Our elite team of over 300+ certified cyber security engineers are experts in cutting-edge technology and leading brands like Palo Alto, Check Point, Fortinet, and Cisco. We’re ready for the cyber threats that come your way. 

Complex Infrastructure Engagements
Your infrastructure is the backbone of your operations. With our Complex Infrastructure Engagement services, we take on the responsibility of creating, managing, and optimizing your critical systems. Our team of skilled engineers ensures smooth operations, minimizing downtime, and maximizing efficiency, allowing you to focus on driving growth. 

    • Infrastructure Audits: Expert assessments of your data flow ensure optimized networks and security infrastructure. 
    • Proof of Concept (POC): Our state-of-the-art network laboratories preview and resolve potential issues before implementation. 
    • Infrastructure Design: Our experienced network architects design secure, available, and scalable networks for data centers, campuses, and the cloud.
    • Large-Scale Deployments: We efficiently deploy thousands of networking elements, minimizing downtime for our customers. 
    • Problem Resolution: We proactively identify and solve network issues, reducing downtime and ensuring optimal functionality. 
    • Project Management: Our PMP-certified managers monitor and oversee all phases of network design and implementation, completing projects on time and within budget. 

Cloud & Managed Solutions
Leverage the power of the cloud with confidence through MGT’s Cloud Migration & Security services. Through our established, redundant cloud hosting facilities and resourceslocated in the Atlanta area and Dallas, TXwe offer standardized and custom solutions including network management and support, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and business continuity. We also offer public cloud hosting and managed solutions for AWS, Azure and GCP. We use best-practice solutions to help stop attacks, secure your data, and continuously monitor for issues with our 24x7x365 support team, resulting in rapid responses to incidents as they occur. 
IT Assessments and Strategic Planning
Navigating the complexities of IT requires a strategic approach, and that’s where MGT’s IT Assessments and Strategic Planning come in. Our experienced consultants conduct comprehensive assessments of your IT environment, identifying areas for improvement and outlining a roadmap for success. Together, we create a tailored strategy that aligns your technology with your business goals. Our security teams provide the following solutions: 

  • NIST and ISO security assessment and audit teams 
  • Red team, blue team, and purple team penetration testing capabilities 
  • Web application security testing 
  • Wireless security testing 
  • Network penetration testing (internal / external) 
  • Social engineering 
  • Virtual compliance officer (PCI, HIPAA, IRS p 1075, CJIS, GDPR) 

Professional IT Staffing
Most IT departments are under-staffed, under-funded, and have tremendous expectations from the C-Suite to develop and maintain a high level of “Digital Resilience” for the organization.  That’s why MGT offers network and firewall staffing services flexible enough to cater to each client’s needs. From Fortune 500 companies to small municipalities, we can offer temporary or direct placement of the talent you need—all with competitive pricing and thorough references.

  • Low Client Operational Cost
  • Short- and Long-Term Staffing
  • Needs Billed on Time and Material Basis
  • Innovative Workforce Solutions
  • Talent Resourcing
  • Resource Management and Development

With our Professional IT Staffing services, gain access to a pool of over 1.4 million top-notch IT professionals that we can place in as little as 48 hours. Our rigorous vetting process ensures you find the right fit for your team, enabling you to meet deadlines and achieve milestones faster. 

MGT Cybersecurity and Risk Assessment Flatsheet
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View Our Professional IT Staffing Flatsheet
MGT Cyber Security Flatsheet
View Our Cyber Security Flatsheet
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  • Senior Vice President, MGT Technology
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    Rodney is a seasoned technology business developer and co-leader/founder of Layer 3 Communications. He currently serves as Senior Vice President of MGT Technology.

  • Vice President, MGT Technology
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    Josh brings long-standing expertise in IT engineering to Layer 3 as its co-founder and president.  He currently serves as a Vice President of MGT Technology.

  • Senior Vice President, Cyber & Network Solutions
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    Mahesh is an internationally-experienced senior technology professional with expert proficiency in developing and implementing innovative technical solutions and leads MGT's Cyber Security team of 100+ engineers.

  • Vice President, Operations
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    Ambica is recognized as a culture builder within MGT Technology. With over 18 years of experience, she is responsible for managing and overseeing its day-to-day operations.

  • Director, Network Operations
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    Ash is a network and security engineer with more than a decade of experience including design, installation, configuration, and the support of network and security products.

  • Senior Solutions Architect
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    Nikhil is an experienced, certified Senior Solutions Architect. He brings additional experience in firewall implementation, developing workflows, and managing network security change.

  • Security Operations Manager
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    Sudhir is a technology solutions expert with experience managing programs, client relationships, and working with fortune 500 companies. He consistently leads teams that produce bottom-line results.

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