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Serving the public sector means we support those professionals dedicated to enhancing performance, eliminating waste, and serving their communities effectively and efficiently. But, that means investing and making the hard decisions that lead to true social change. That is precisely where our team functions bestas partners who can help refine your organization, enhance your revenue generation, lower operating costs, reduce data and security risks, and recommend executable, social equity plans and processes.

In the face of budget constraints, expanding demand for services, and information-security challenges, governments and other public sector organizations are being challenged to do more with less. Transforming complex public sector organizations into responsive engines dedicated to achieving results is critical. We’ve discovered that this transformation often involves becoming more agile and responsive to diverse constituents while attracting and retaining the right talent and managing budgets.

Let us show you how our experts will partner with your organization to achieve your desired outcomes and further embrace avenues for impactful social change. After all, this is our fundamental mission.

Our Capabilities

  • A. Trey Traviesa
    CEO & Chairman of the Board
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    Trey brings a storied history centered around serving his community – as a member of the Florida legislature, an officer in the US Navy Reserves, Co-founder of a K-8 Charter School, and serial entrepreneurial business leader.

  • Robert W. Holloway
    Senior Vice President, Market Development & Chief Strategy Officer
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    Robert brings two decades of management consulting experience across many practices, leading projects for clients in more than 30 states.

  • Bret Schlyer
    Vice President, Portfolio Lead, Financial Solutions
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    Bret is a trusted advisor to government agencies on cost allocation plans, internal service funds, user fee studies, and indirect cost rate proposals.

  • Patrick Dyer
    Vice President, Solutions, Financial Solutions
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    Patrick (PJ) works primarily with city, county, state, special district, and joint powers authority government agencies on cost accounting and state mandated cost claim projects.

How May We Help You?

We offer global expertise framed with local city and county knowledge. Our experts devise solutions specific to your unique challenges—as partners, we will achieve exceptional outcomes.

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