MGT Partners with the Utah State Board of Education to Improve Literacy Statewide


MGT has been selected by the Utah State Board of Education to provide training, asset assessments, and support to school-based community coordinators across the state. MGT will be supporting the board of education for five years to build capacity in schools to effectively engage families and communities to support early literacy development.

SB127 is a bill established by the Utah Legislature that enhances and aligns strategies on how to improve early literacy outcomes. Utah aims to have 70% of third-grade students reading on grade level by 2027.

To achieve this, all stakeholders, including families, community members, teachers, and school leaders, must take an active role in providing systematic foundational literacy instruction for students. To facilitate this effort, MGT will focus on training and providing resources to school-based community coordinators to establish best practices to strengthen family and community engagement to accelerate student literacy progress. This expanded focus will increase the project’s reach and establish knowledge and practices that will continue long after the project ends.

“We regularly have opportunities to directly impact school leaders, teachers, and the students they serve. This project gives us the chance to leverage others who play such a vital role in the development of early literacy—parents, families, and communities—to ensure that Utah’s lofty goal of 70% or more of 3rd-grade students reading on grade level by 2027 becomes a reality,” said Allison Miller, Senior Vice President with MGT’s Education Transformation team.

The five-year project will engage up to 250 participants throughout the project, with each community coordinator receiving two years of support from MGT via the various training channels. MGT will provide professional learning, communities of practice, collaborative planning sessions, and access to regional literacy events.

Publish Date

Posted on January 16, 2024

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