Digital Transformation Requires Stellar Talent


Professional IT Staffing Solutions Accelerate Digital Modernization and Security in the Financial Services Industry 

The financial services industry is experiencing rapid technological and digital transformation. There is an increased demand for secure online digital banking and investment services. This has brought about a need for modernized, resilient IT networks and infrastructure for business continuity against cyberattacks.  

The MGT Technology team recently partnered with two leading financial institutions ― Bank Hapoalim and Alliant Credit Union ― to provide professional IT staffing solutions. These collaborations enhance and supplement their IT Network Engineering needs through a cost-efficient, long-term contract agreement. The talent our team sourced on their behalf has helped our clients harden their security postures and advance their digital footprints—safely. 

Bank Hapoalim – Global Banking Powerhouse 

Bank Hapoalim (The Workers’ Bank) is one of the largest banks in Israel. Established in 1921, it boasts more than $198 billion in assets with 8,500 employees serving clients across the globe. The bank serves retail, corporate, and institutional customers, operating a network of more than 250 branches. It has offices in Israel and abroad, including New York, California, Florida, Switzerland, and Turkey, and has affiliations with banks worldwide.  

One of Bank Hapoalim’s vision statements is to conduct its business with integrity, transparency, and responsibility. To that end, a resilient, robust IT network infrastructure and highly trained, professional IT staff are critical to protecting and serving its clients.  

Given MGT Technology’s depth of experience in building and maintaining large-scale public and private IT networks and cybersecurity systems, the bank selected the MGT team to help provide expert IT professionals for its Network Security team. Currently, a Senior Network Engineer, screened and placed by MGT, is part of the bank’s IT team to support seamless operational continuity and cybersecurity.  

 For Bank Hapoalim, providing secure financial services for clients worldwide while advanced banking technology and digital solutions will continue to play an integral role in advancing and strengthening its customer base. MGT continues to support Bank Hapoalim with best-in-class professional IT staffing solutions to support these business goals.  

Alliant Credit Union – All-Digital Financial Services 

Alliant Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative with approximately 760,000 members, 700 employees, and more than $18 billion in assets. Headquartered in Chicago and founded in 1935, Alliant is the largest credit union in Illinois and one of the 10 largest credit unions in the United States.  

As an all-digital credit union, Alliant’s mission is to provide members with a tech-forward banking experience coupled with consistent, superior financial value, while simplifying and enabling how people save, borrow and pay on digital platforms. To achieve this, its in-house IT staff must be world class and on-call.  This is where our professional staffing solutions played a key role. We helped secure expert IT professionals on a contract basis to meet Alliant’s evolving IT needs efficiently and cost-effectively.  

Working with William Bylaska, senior manager of network security at Alliant Credit Union, MGT provided crucial IT Senior Network Engineering support to assist with a major data center modernization project. Bylaska said that MGT talent is “… professional, efficient, and hard-working. We will continue to engage (MGT) for future IT staffing support.”   

We are proud to partner with Alliant Credit Union to help achieve its mission to provide members with industry-leading financial products, seamless digital experiences, and exceptional customer service.  

Benefits of MGT’s Professional IT Staffing  

Our professional staffing services offer a turn-key solution to busy clients who are facing the difficult task of securing highly qualified IT support staff. We help you to:  

  • Find expert, experienced IT professionals for short and long-term staffing needs 
  • Overcome technology staffing shortages to meet client needs for accelerating digital transformation and strengthening cybersecurity for more resilient IT environments  
  • Reduce management, administrative and overhead costs – while increasing performance – to meet project and budget requirements  
  • Give you peace of mind with a trusted, knowledgeable technology service provider who understands and delivers on end-to-end staff recruitment, placement, and management services  

Our team is ready to assist your organization in overcoming any staffing challenges it may encounter. To discover how we can effectively mitigate your organization’s workforce challenges, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 813.327.4717 or click here: Contact – MGT ( 

Publish Date

Posted on August 10, 2023