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We drive results for education and help you develop more effective and efficient operations that lead to successful campuses, students, and communities.

Our team understands the higher education landscape. From operations to planning, curriculum to branding; there is no aspect of the institution where our experts have not been involved.

Prior to joining our team, our staff served directly as faculty and administrators and have personally tackled the same challenges you are facing. Students, administrators, faculty, alumni, and donors – they all want the best for their institutions. And we do, too. With more than 900+ projects completed for more than 450 higher education institutions, we are the trusted advisors for your next consulting project.

View Our Higher Education Flatsheet
View Our Higher Education Flatsheet


Strategic Planning
Strategic planning helps move an entity from reactive to proactive by connecting goals, strategies, performance measures, and action plans to an overall resource allocation process. Our team partners with Institutions to envision the future and develop the actions necessary to bring that vision to life.
Economic & Socio-Economic Impact
Higher education leaders need to demonstrate the impact and contribution their institution makes to their community both economically and socially. Our specialty is in providing this proof.
Education Master Planning
A properly tuned education master plan helps institutions weather enrollment changes by focusing on an institution’s primary functions, student access, changing enrollment, and affordability.
Feasibility Studies
Our feasibility method includes studying the technical, economic, legal, operations, finance, and scheduling of your proposed project to provide an accurate picture of how to obtain success.
Needs Assessments
Our process analyzes labor trends, enrollment changes and other economic factors to provide recommendations on new program development, recalibration of existing programs, expanding degree and continuing education or sunsetting programs.


Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)
We have partnered with visionary leaders at 20 HBCUs to offer objective research and creative, customized recommendations for cyber security and campus technology infrastructure, campus housing, success and enrollment, and student success and retention.
Student Housing Market Demand Studies
The MGT team can assist institutions in long term planning for changing residential necessities by comparing enrollment trends with an assessment of the need for new student housing, renovations, demolitions, or public private partnership (P3) developments. Our studies are quality certified and regularly used for bonding of future housing projects.
Campus Master Planning
Combining our work in education master planning, facilities strategic planning, and traditional facilities condition assessments, the MGT team can create a spherical Campus Master Plan that serves as a roadmap to address all aspects of your institution’s physical and educational plans.
Residential Strategic Plans
For decades, MGT has worked with colleges and universities to provide knowledge, studies, and analysis that help institutions envision, finance, and build accessible, comfortable, and safe housing for students and faculty. We work in tandem with our clients to build communities in which students’ social needs are met, while fostering academic achievement and personal development.

Our Capabilities

  • Executive Vice President, Education Solutions
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    Rajeev began his career in education over a decade ago as an elementary school teacher at PS 161 in Harlem. He later went on to serve in key leadership roles at the New York City Department of Education, Sangari Global Education, and now, as General Manager of MGT Education.

  • Vice President, Education Solutions
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    Dr. Barrett has guided education clients through strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, academic program assessments, economic impact studies, master planning, and feasibility studies.

  • Michael Raisor, PhD
    Senior Vice President, Education Solutions
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    Michael leads operations and provides leadership in client relationship management and solutions development for the firm’s PK-12 education, education transformation, and higher education practice areas.

  • Director, Education Solutions
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    Kasey has more than 15 years of experience in higher education administration and teaching, including roles in executive leadership within student affairs.

How May We Help You?

We offer global expertise framed with local city and county knowledge. Our experts devise solutions specific to your unique challenges—as partners, we will achieve exceptional outcomes.

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