Disparity Solutions

MGT is one of the largest solutions providers of disparity studies and proud to have conducted more unchallenged studies than any other consultant firm in the country.

Our team of experts has helped clients produce accurate, valid, and legally defensible disparity studies that engage the community and stakeholders. We evaluate and examine contracting, procurement, and workforce inequalities to bring our clients answers and remedies that are legally defensible and objective.

We have helped clients navigate the complexities and challenges involved in producing accurate and valid disparity assessments, so everyone has a greater path to economic opportunity and prosperity. We work on high-profile, racially sensitive studies to provide recommendations for true social change. This is part of MGT’s large mission to Impact Communities. For good.

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Availability & Disparity Research & Studies

  • We protect your organization because our disparity studies have all withstood legal challenges and are defensible
  • Our utilization methodology and data collection process analyzes all potential procurement opportunities for prime and subcontractors (regardless of contract size)
  • Equity is embedded in every step of our work to advance marginalized communities

M/WBE Program Implementation

  • Establish the structure, operations, and systems to support compliance and enforcement
  • Create M/WBE aspirational goals consistent with court rulings and law
  • Implement best practices to address programs, policies, and practices
  • Develop ordinances to strengthen programs

  • Vice President, Disparity Services
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    Andres is an expert in providing quantitative research for disparity studies with more than 16 years of experience.

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We offer global expertise in education, state and local, and private/non profit industries. Coupled with local knowledge and partnerships, our experts devise solutions specific to your unique challenges to achieve exceptional outcomes.

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