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Your business is our priority, no matter the challenges or obstacles you may encounter, and human capital management is one of the most important drivers of organizational performance. We focus on building your internal talent and processes throughout the entire HR lifecycle so that your organizational is agile yet resilient, efficient yet innovative.

Creativity and innovation are key to assembling a highly productive team. After establishing the talent, it is critical to implement a human capital management program that addresses this dynamic market. We ensure organizations run the best they can by offering organizational best practice reviews and ensuring employees are paid fairly, equitably, and to the market.

We are an expert team with decades of experience and specialized capabilities that deliver tangible results through the lens of equity.

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Classification & Compensation Studies

  • Ensure a market-based approach to recruit and retain the best talent
  • Develop compensation philosophy, budget models, and related HR policies

HR Management Support & Analysis

  • On-demand Chief HR Officer support
  • Top-to-bottom reviews of HR departments, including employee recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal and reward systems
  • Executive recruitment for public agencies across a broad spectrum of industries

Organizational Reviews & Development

  • Organizational efficiency and effectiveness evaluations
  • Organization resource allocation, utilization, staff development, and program and target audience outcomes appraisals

Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

  • Customized coaching aligned with MGT solutions offerings provide real-world, integrated best practices
  • Coaching and reporting tools and program development
  • Leadership development programs driven by research and organizational gaps

  • Senior Vice President, Organizational Solutions
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    Brandon is a proven human capital and operational strategy executive with 20 years of success in organizational improvement, project and change management, and process improvement.

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We offer global expertise in education, state and local, and private/non profit industries. Coupled with local knowledge and partnerships, our experts devise solutions specific to your unique challenges to achieve exceptional outcomes.

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