Community College of Baltimore County, MD – Human Capital Studies


The Community College of Baltimore County contracted with MGT for numerous human resources-related studies. The projects included:

  • Classification and Compensation Studies for all Non-faculty
  • External Evaluation of Faculty Salary Schedules
  • Performance Audit of the Office of Human Resources
  • Facilitation of the Development of a Performance Evaluation System
  • Executive Compensation Study
  • Review of President’s Office Staffing
  • Review of the Office of Public Safety

MGT’s methodology varied for each project, but included utilizing its organizational assessment guidelines to conduct detailed reviews of the Offices of Human Resources and Public Safety; developing comparison models against which executive, staff, and faculty salaries could be appropriately compared; and conducting research among peer colleges to determine key factors and values for consideration in the development of performance evaluation tools.

Project outcomes included up-to-date classification and compensation structures; office staffing assessment and recommendations; recommendations for improvements and identification of areas of excellence for the Office of Human Resources and the Office of Public Safely; recommendations for competitive executive compensation levels; and performance evaluation research on factors, values, and implementation strategies.

Publish Date

Posted on October 10, 2016


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