MGT and Gary Community School Corp. launch AWS certification program    


MGT expands its five years of education management experience in Gary to further support equity and help students find meaningful careers after graduation


TAMPA, Fla., and GARY, Ind.– June 8, 2022-– MGT has partnered with Trek10 to launch a technical education summer camp that provides Gary Community School Corp. juniors and seniors with the opportunity to become Amazon Web Services (AWS)-certified. Under MGT’s nonprofit division, the Institute for Racial Injustice Solutions (IRIS), the company engaged Trek10, an AWS Premier Partner with multiple AWS competencies and service validation offerings. Trek10 focuses on education for youths looking to advance skills through the AWS certification program and an internship class that has grown in student participation annually.  

The summer camp runs from June 7 through July 27, 2022, and offers a 10-week online training program designed to prepare Gary students for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification exam. Led by expert Trek10 instructors, this summer camp will help locally address a national issue: 76% of African Americans and 62% of Hispanics could be excluded or underprepared for 86% of the jobs in the U.S. by 2045, according to a report by Deutsche Bank 

This initiative will sponsor up to 40 students to participate in the program and exam at no cost, as sponsored by MGT’s IRIS initiative and Dr. Fred Seamon Scholarships. Eric Parish, executive vice president at MGT, said, “We are excited to partner with Gary’s Career Center to enlist students in the program. By earning a highly respected and recognized industry cloud certification, we are creating a sustainable program that will help students secure productive careers after high school and transition them into the workforce.” 

MGT, one of the country’s largest providers of disparity and education solutions, has worked since its inception to help school districts, colleges, and universities perform better both operationally and academically. MGT’s deep commitment to “impact communities for good” is validated in selecting this summer camp program as IRIS’ first initiative.  

“Gary is the right community for the program and was the clear partner of choice for MGT leaders,” Parish said. IRIS was founded in 2021 with four goals aligned with MGT leadership’s corporate principles: “We have the means to make an impact, therefore we have a duty to do something meaningful.”  

The goals include: 

  1. Use research and data to identify areas of highest opportunity to impact racial justice in education
  2.  Leverage a national network of independent professionals and organizations to find highly effective solutions
  3. Develop financial and community support to underwrite and implement selected projects 
  4. Plan and manage the project solution in conjunction with the identified partners and measure and sustain results 

MGT has managed the Gary Community School Corporation since August 2017. Since then, grades based on state tests have held steady, enrollment has stabilized, and after operating at a deficit close to tens of millions of dollars, the district has achieved an annual surplus at the end of 2021.  

For more information about the Trek10 program, contact Chelsea Whittington. 

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Posted on June 9, 2022

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