How professional IT staffing services help close the tech talent gap


With the current technology talent shortage, many organizations struggle to recruit and retain experienced and skilled IT staff who can build and maintain complex network systems, hardware, and secure cloud services. According to a Gartner survey of approximately 18,000 employees conducted in 2022, 86% of CIOs reported more competition for qualified candidates and 73% worried about IT talent attrition. As the “understaffed and overworked” mantra abounds in many organizations, they are turning to professional IT staffing solutions, like ours, to support internal staff, close gaps, streamline processes, and increase IT performance cost-effectively. But what exactly is professional IT staffing and how can it benefit your organization? 

Defining Professional IT Staffing

Professional IT staffing companies work with an organization to recruit, hire, and manage temporary and long-term IT professionals on a contract basis to fulfill specific roles. We identify the right, top-tier talent for short- and long-term assignments within budget requirements, ranging from experienced help desk positions to high-level data analyst and engineering professionals. 

Listed below are a few of the IT technologies we can help staff for:   

 The comprehensive screening and hiring process includes several stages to selecting qualified, experienced candidates, including:  

Conducting a Comprehensive Client Consultation: We initiate an in-depth intake meeting with our clients to fully understand their needs, project requirements, and budget.  


Screening Applicants: Our team rigorously screens all potential candidates before presenting them formally to the client. We use a six-step process that includes a digital research screen, phone screen, personal interview, reference checks, account manager screening, and background check.

Presenting a Stellar Shortlist: Our team presents a select few star applicants who are well-suited for the role.  

Finalizing with Top Decision Makers: We arrange final interviews, by phone or video, for the shortlisted candidates with the client CIO and associated team.  

Selecting the Best Fit: We make an offer, per the client, to the candidate who best matches their requirements.   

Our IT staffing division helps with onboarding, training, and managing new employees, ensuring that they are integrated smoothly into the client organization. We work one-on-one with the clients and IT professionals we partner with to establish clear benchmarks and expectations. We take responsibility during the entire process to help ensure that the client is satisfied with their new staff hire’s performance on the job. We can find the right fit person in as little as 7 business days for key roles.

With these key systems in place, IT staffing companies can easily become one-stop-shop for any technology hiring need.  

How Professional IT Staffing Can Benefit Your Organization

With access to a vast national network of qualified IT professionals and extensive knowledge of the IT industry, an IT staffing company can save time and reduce employee costs. Here are just a few benefits to working with a professional IT staffing company: 

Access to a Vast Pool of Talent: With access to a large pool of candidates with varying levels of experience and skills, we can quickly identify and present top candidates to fill urgent roles, close skill gaps and staff short-term projects for your organization.  

Expertise in Identifying the Right Fit: Because of our extensive experience in identifying the right-fit candidates for specific roles, we can match candidates’ skills and experience with your organization’s unique needs. 

Industry Knowledge and Expertise: We can provide insights on industry trends, and salary expectations, helping organizations remain competitive and attract top talent with specialized knowledge and expertise in the IT industry. 

Reduced Time and Costs: We can also help reduce the time and cost of recruitment by handling the entire process, from sourcing candidates to conducting interviews and negotiating salaries. 

The truth is, it’s essential for organizations that rely heavily on technology to ensure that they have the right people with the right skills to solve technical challenges expertly and economically. By working with a professional IT staffing expert, like our team, organizations can identify and hire top IT talent quickly and efficiently, ensuring competitiveness and productivity in the ever-evolving technology landscape. 

We have provided IT Staffing services to Fortune 100 companies, fast-growing enterprises, educational institutions, and state and local government agencies for more than 22 years. Learn more about how professional IT staffing can transform your organization. Contact us today! 

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