Iowa Board of Regents – Needs Assessment


The Board of Regents of the State of Iowa retained MGT to conduct a comprehensive academic program needs assessment of the greater Des Moines metro area. Prior to establishing a Regent Resource Center in the local Des Moines area, the Board wished to determine both the academic programs of greatest need, as well as the potential magnitude of demand. They further sought to identify appropriate geographic sectors of the metro area for possible location of a higher education Resource Center that would best address needs and access issues.

MGT provided a combination of stakeholder input opportunities (interviews and surveys) for local constituents, including education and community leaders. Additionally, the consulting team gathered current market data on population demographics and projected growth, educational participation and attainment, employment sector trends, and economic conditions. Working with key higher education institutions, MGT compiled a summary inventory of academic programs by degree level available locally.

Through a gap analysis, MGT identified key programs of need in the region and potential demand estimates. Finally, we provided an assessment of potential geographic sites for program delivery based on a set of criteria vetted with the Board.

Publish Date

Posted on October 10, 2016


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