Davis Demographics joins MGT


TAMPA, Fla., June 29, 2022MGT and Davis Demographics announced they have combined companies, a move which links Davis Demographics’ expertise in demographic reporting, student forecasts, and school boundary adjustments with MGT’s full suite of education solutions. By joining together, both companies will further accelerate their shared goal to serve public education by developing successful planning strategies to serve their communities. 

“We are honored that Davis, the highest regarded company in the education demographics community, has joined MGT. This alignment allows our education teams to better serve clients on a variety of study, planning, survey, and redistricting projects,” said Trey Traviesa, MGT CEO & chairman. 

Since 1993, Davis Demographics has partnered with districts of up to 175,000 students to successfully respond to a variety of planning challenges and effectively address ongoing demographic changes. The company delivers a variety of consulting and software solutions to help school districts tackle important issues. They provide comprehensive demographic studies, trustee redistricting, boundary planning, end-user address lookup tools, address updates for SIS (Student Information Systems), election analysis, residential development tracking, and student yield studies. 

Davis Demographics’ Founder, Greg Davis, spoke about the combination, saying “In addition to continuing to provide the excellent customer service that we are known for, we now have even greater resources for developing new and innovative solutions to meet the growing needs of our education partners. This is the next chapter in becoming the premier education planning firm in the U.S.”  

With this addition, MGT’s Education Solutions teams can provide a full suite of services to schools, colleges, and universities desiring to operate more efficiently and increase academic outcomes for children across the country.  


About Davis Demographics  

Davis is a leader in education, empowering school leaders with data, software, and consultation to arrive at smart school planning solutions. The company has a reputation for excellent client service in enrollment forecasting, build-out studies, facility site needs and location studies, and committee and Board facilitation. Davis is award-winning for the development of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) mapping and demographic software and provides a variety of consulting services and products to improve education through better planning.  

About MGT  

MGT is a national public sector management consulting and technology services firm that delivers diverse consulting services to a wide range of state, local, and education clients across the U.S. and abroad. Leveraging a 48-year track record and reputation, our industry subject matter experts partner with thousands of public agencies to provide trusted solutions that improve performance and help communities thrive. Visit us at www.mgtconsulting.com or find us on social media. 

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Posted on June 29, 2022

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