Schools Find Success through the MGT Coaching Model


School leaders often find themselves on a quest for continuous growth fueled by a passion for nurturing young minds and shaping the future. However, amidst the intricate tapestry of administrative tasks, instructional responsibilities, and community engagement, it’s all too common for these leaders to find themselves lost in the day-to-day operations, losing sight of their overarching aspirations and the transformative potential they hold. So how can they ensure continual growth forward?

In schools across the nation, MGT has helped implement a cyclical framework of inquiry, action, and reflection to aid in this journey. This process begins with inquiry, prompting leaders to reflect on their goals, whether it’s cultivating inclusivity, elevating student engagement, or improving instructional practices. Action follows, where leaders assess their current strategies and initiatives, inching closer to their objectives. Reflection is crucial, allowing leaders to candidly evaluate their efforts and identify areas for improvement. Armed with insights, leaders chart their next steps, with MGT standing as a steadfast partner throughout. Our record of success from this approach speaks for itself, with numerous schools nationwide benefiting from our collaborative coaching approach.

Five rural high schools in North Dakota faced similar challenges with low graduation rates and student performance due to outdated teaching methods, resulting in passive student engagement and significant class downtime. Professional learning sessions tailored to individual teachers and school leadership teams emphasized data-driven coaching discussions and analysis of school-wide trends. These measures aided in a 15% increase in active student engagement, showcasing the effectiveness of evidence-based instructional practices in enhancing classroom dynamics and student learning.

“Ed Direction’s coaching not only gave my faculty ‘do tomorrow’ strategies they could learn and apply right away, they also gave my leadership team strategies to make instruction a priority we could continue to review after our partnership ended. I also think the team is so much fun! They make me laugh and take hard parts of our job more manageable with how they work with us.”
– Jean Callahan, Superintendent

Central Haywood High School, an alternative high school in Waynesville, NC, faced challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a devastating flood. With support from the Innovative Partnership Grant and guidance from MGT, the school transformed through leadership and teacher coaching, implementing sustainable, data-driven systems tailored to student needs. This partnership led to a 90% decrease in school suspensions and a 17% increase in the graduation rate.

MGT coaches have been integral to the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) Principals’ Leadership Academy, working closely with ADE and school leaders to deliver impactful professional development. Through the Principal Plus Academy, our coaches provide immediate individual coaching and support alongside sessions covering essential leadership topics. This collaborative approach has driven measurable success across diverse districts in Arizona, showcasing our ability to support school leaders at all levels, from small rural schools to urban districts, in their professional growth journey.

“What an abundance of expertise and coaching skills the MGT team has added to ADE’s Principals’ Leadership Academy PLUS! The MGT coaches artfully facilitate content-related discussions during training sessions and provide personalized coaching to current principals across the state of Arizona.”

-Mandi Sesson, Director of Title II, Arizona Department of Education

In North Carolina, 16 schools were identified for Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) under the Every Student Succeeds Act. Through tailored support and coaching sessions, administrators maximized effectiveness in decision-making, while individualized coaching for teachers accelerated student learning. Notable successes include Dillard Middle School ranking among the top 11 schools for exceeding growth expectations – marking the first time the school had ever exceeded growth. 

For 40 years, MGT has been a trusted ally to education leaders, as shown in the examples above, helping them rediscover their aspirations and chart a course for progress. We know the path to growth is seldom linear, but if you’re ready to navigate this journey with confidence and resilience, MGT is here to empower you every step of the way. We have many opportunities for coaching programs that can help your schools kick-start your path to results like these. Beginning with our Principal Coaching Accelerator Series; schools can leverage the influential power of leadership, expediting the adoption of positive shifts in culture, practices, and outcomes throughout your institution. Learn more about that program here:

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Posted on April 23, 2024

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