Cyber Fusion Centers – the future of cyber security platforms


Cyber fusion centers are an advanced version of a Security Operations Center (SOC) that embody detection, response, threat intelligence correlations, and data science under one umbrella to foster collaboration and advance a client’s overall security posture. When designed and implemented correctly, these centers can drive enterprise-wide visibility, reduce the time it takes to detect attacks, and protect an organization’s most critical assets.

Because collaboration is key, it is imperative to consider how to manage expectations when embarking upon this platform. As this will require a thorough evaluation of potentially overlapping systems, technologies, and platforms, communicating with team leads and resolving competing priorities is key to address up-front.

A cyber fusion center can function as a one-stop shop where organizations can evaluate old and new operational technology and security defenses to understand the threat landscape and execute on what the organization’s cybersecurity technology requires. The MGT cyber fusion center correlates, enriches, and analyzes the data to learn the habits and methodologies of attackers, IOC (Indicator of Compromise) and the latest tactics and techniques. Our approach differs in three unique ways to our competitors:

Attack Distraction

We take a non-linear approach instead of the traditional breach stage focus through the attack kill chain that mirrors the way attackers move so the attacks are effectively disrupted earlier enabling rapid containment.

Context and Analytics

Our team of more than 100 certified cyber security engineers take pride in the abilities of our dedicated research team to deliver contextualization and custom analytics reducing detection time and uncovering threats in pre-breach stage.

Cyber Intelligence Correlation

MGT correlates technical data with relevant threat, industry and business intelligence to provide comprehensive tailored threat reports along with our recommendations for quick and effective response.

Thanks to our 47-year history working with public sector organizations (state, city, county, education), our unique offering provides a full circle approach to this task – involving consensus-building with internal stakeholders, local residents, and partnering organizations. We also include as part of the change management plan a focus on strategic messaging to protect your organization’s brand and reputation surrounding data privacy and protection, with a particular focus on disenfranchised or disparate groups.

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Posted on April 14, 2021


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