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Addressing the Challenges Faced by State and Local Government Entities

State and local government entities are increasingly pushed by constituents to deliver more sophisticated and efficient services, often requiring advanced GIS capabilities. Common challenges include meeting the growing demand for GIS-based services, accurately identifying and addressing the community’s true needs, realizing efficiencies in service delivery through GIS, building a skilled workforce proficient in GIS technologies, and ensuring interoperability between departments for seamless data sharing. Our approach helps address these issues by first establishing the goals and priorities of your SLG entity, assessing your current data landscape and community needs, and collaborating on a tailored strategic roadmap. We then implement the plan with precision and expertise, engage with community stakeholders for feedback and adjustments, and ensure smooth adoption and effective training of your staff.

Unlock the Potential of GIS in Your Community

MGT offers a comprehensive suite of GIS services designed to meet the unique needs of SLG entities. Our solutions help streamline operations, enhance community engagement, and foster proactive decision-making.

Our Offerings Include:

  • Flexible GIS Solutions: Tailored to fit your specific spatial needs.
  • GIS Staffing Solutions: Providing expert personnel to support your projects.
  • Comprehensive GIS Training: Empowering your team with the skills needed to leverage GIS effectively.
  • GIS Data Hosting & Maintenance: Ensuring your data is secure, accessible, and up to date.
  • GIS Needs Assessment: Identifying the true needs and opportunities within your community.


Why Choose MGT as Your GIS Partner?
  • Premier GIS Service Provider: We specialize in delivering top-tier Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions tailored for State, Local, and Government (SLG) entities.
  • ESRI Gold Partner: Our partnership with ESRI ensures that we provide the most cutting-edge and reliable GIS technologies and services.
  • Building Smart Communities: Empower your community with transparent, interactive, and user-friendly spatial applications.


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Georgia Leonard