Indoor GIS Mapping Solutions


Schools today must transcend conventional security approaches and instill a culture of proactive safety. By forging strategic partnerships, utilizing data for informed decision-making, and engaging stakeholders, schools can help ensure that the well-being of all students and staff is prioritized and safeguarded.

Utilizing advanced Indoor GIS mapping technology, schools can now meticulously map their premises, identifying key areas, emergency exits, and potential hazards. This data is then shared with local emergency services and stakeholders who help facilitate efficient navigation and coordinated responses in case of emergency.

Benefits of Indoor GIS Mapping

Complementary to Facility Condition and Vulnerability Assessments

– Proactively foster safe and predictable learning environments.
– Cultivate strong partnerships with local law enforcement and emergency responders.

Enhanced Safety Preparedness

– Identify potential hazards and plan evacuation routes.
– Implement proactive safety protocols to minimize risks.

Optimized Facility Management

– Efficiently allocate resources and plan maintenance schedules.
– Optimize facility layouts for improved operational efficiency.

Stakeholder Engagement and Transparency

– Engage with the local community to demonstrate transparency in safety planning.
– Foster trust and collaboration by involving parents, local businesses, and civic organizations.

Budget Optimization

– Efficient resource utilization and strategic planning.
– Cost-effective long-term investment.

Our Indoor GIS Mapping Process

Embracing this holistic approach ensures that proactive safety measures and collaborative efforts work together to safeguard all students and staff, even in the face of unforeseen challenges. Many states are preparing funding for these types of projects, and you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.


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Georgia Leonard