Will Fiorito obtains Society For Human Resource Management’s People Analytics certification  


Tampa, FL

Will Fiorito, a consultant of MGT’s Human Capital practice, recently received his People Analytics Certification through the Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM), a global leader in human resources who has trained and certified over 100,000 professionals worldwide. This certification program will help MGT augment its ability to conduct people and compensation forecasting and modeling analysis, as well as improve the data literacy in all aspects of client projects.

SHRM has impacted the lives of more than 115 million workers and families globally, and MGT is proud to now be certified through such an illustrious organization. The people analytics certification program involves hours of modules, as well as online courses culminating to a rigorous assessment to show mastery of the material. Successful professionals will be able to have a better understanding of data to create long term solutions, as well as predictive data analysis.

Brandon Ledford, MGT’s Senior Vice President of Consulting Solutions says, “As we look to the future of the public sector, we noticed a real gap in the ability to understand, forecast, and predict human capital needs. Will is a real standout in the practice and our client’s trusted human capital data and analytics advisor, so this certification opportunity made a lot of sense. MGT prides itself on taking a data-driven approach to human resources management, and this certification is further proof that Will and MGT are investing in the critical human capital skills of the future in order to improve the lives of our public sector clients. I am proud of Will’s accomplishment and excited for our clients to see the work in action.”

Fiorito says, “I’m excited to have earned the certificate, as it will allow MGT and our Human Capital practice area to better understand how our client’s employees best fit into the ever-changing job market in a way that provides them opportunities for growth and longevity.”

MGT provides a variety of services that will benefit from this People Analytics certification. Human Capital clients include York County, South Carolina, Florida Lottery, Navajo Nation, Delaware Solid Waste Authority, and the State of Colorado.

Publish Date

Posted on September 18, 2020