Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

For decades, our team members have helped public sector clients address the important questions around diversity, equity, and inclusion. We collect the pertinent data, extract patterns, and produce inferences and recommendations to help organizations and communities overcome racial/gender or other related inequities.

Our services include examining social injustice and disproportionality in community and organizational systems, identifying racial (and other demographic) disparities within a community or institution, and analyzing the cause to develop tailored programs and policies that lead to authentic, meaningful, and sustained change.

We also work on high-profile, racially sensitive studies that address social inequity and lead to recommendations for true social change. Our leadership team stands ready to help you address inequalities and help support marginalized and underrepresented communities.

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DEI Workplace Assessments
Our team has tools for your organization to use in assessing your company’s journey along the path to creating a sustainable and inclusive workplace. We’ll work with your staff to tailor the rubric and then analyze the outcomes to provide data-driven recommendations and suggestions.
Equity Audits
Equity audits are an important tool in helping to achieve an inclusive workplace. A few categories in consideration include hiring rates, promotion rates, performance evaluation (policy and practices), and organizational leadership.
DEI Racial Equity Tools, Strategy, and Policies
We partner with companies to help them design a racial equity toolkit which contains the associated templates, rubrics, strategies, and standards every department in the enterprise should follow. This toolkit is most effective when applied to budget, policies, and programs throughout an organization.
HR and Talent Systems Audits
Talent systems audits assess the fit between organizational goals, HR policies and programs, and the outcomes they are expected to deliver. HR teams can leverage the audit report to simplify and selectively invest in programs that have the highest chance of delivering results to positively impact diversity, equity, and inclusion challenges.
Staff Training
We offer staff training specializing in diversity and inclusion, implicit bias, anti-racism, leading for change, and general training program evaluations. The training will not only inform and educate, it provides opportunities for participants to candidly discuss race, equality, and equity and think through real-world scenarios and solutions.
  • Vice President, Organizational Solutions
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    Lamont brings more than 18 years of experience working in a variety of education environments, leading his own consulting firm, acting as CEO for a Charter School, and leading an autonomous school office.

  • Manager, Organizational Solutions
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    Lara has more than 12 years of experience working with data systems and analytical methods and techniques.

  • Dave Bushnell
    Consultant, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Solutions
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    Dave is a passionate and innovative policy maker dedicated to social justice advocacy and supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in the public sector.

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We offer global expertise in education, state and local, and private/non profit industries. Coupled with local knowledge and partnerships, our experts devise solutions specific to your unique challenges to achieve exceptional outcomes.

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