Martine Schmitt’s #MyMGTJourney is about finding, and hiring, the “best of the best”


Throughout my professional experience in human resources and recruiting, I have valued the ‘human’ side of the work. This likely originated during my undergraduate work in International Relations at the University of Mississippi. Here I was afforded the chance to study abroad in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Taiwan. Learning about the diversity of cultures and governments energized me!

Starting Out

My first job out of college was in Admissions at a college in Naples, Florida. My role was to recruit students looking to fulfill their personal goals. This great learning experience created a foundation for my business development and recruiting skills, as well as seeing the ‘human side’ of the work. It was fulfilling to facilitate the beginning of a student’s journey toward educational attainment. Little did I know, years later this passion would evolve into a long career where I leverage my interest in government and helping people achieve their goals.

A few years later I had the opportunity to move to Washington DC. There, I worked at a recruiting agency in the heart of the District on K Street. My position was very fulfilling, as I placed talented people in roles at both private firms and government agencies. This position epitomized a win-win situation for me. I was not only assisting individuals in securing career-advancing positions, I was helping federal agencies find the right candidates to serve the community. I felt a sense of purpose as I placed people in very important roles for our government. It made me strive to take notice of talent in everything I do, as I am drawn to people who are high-performers.

After working in Washington, DC I moved to New York City for two years. This was a great experience that I remember fondly.  However, my heart called me back to DC. For the next eight years, I worked for the American Red Cross and for Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH), a global consulting firm.  At BAH, I provided recruiting within its Organization and Strategy Division, placing people in roles where they had the highest level of security clearances in the intelligence arena. These consultants were filling critical roles, and I knew that we were doing important work together.

All Roads Led to MGT

As I near my one-year anniversary at MGT’s corporate office in Tampa, Florida, I can’t believe it’s gone so fast! What attracted me to MGT is the purpose of our work, as the majority of our business is conducted in the public realm. The consultants I place have direct impact on people’s lives – whether it’s local, national, or international.

I love the diversity of the work at MGT. It has a dynamic culture that requires everyone to be adaptable as priorities change very quickly. Whether you have just been hired, or you’ve been here for decades, you are the ‘best of the best’ if you work at MGT! I respect that our hiring process is very thorough; candidates often meet with numerous staff before securing a final interview. We’re serious about ensuring it’s a good fit for all involved. The process of finding top talent in creative ways – LinkedIn events, meetups, conferences, etc, is something I enjoy. I frequently attend networking events to keep tabs on talent in the area and note  the ‘rock stars’.

To constantly engage with ‘passive’ and ‘active’ candidates, you can find world-class talent in your own backyard. It’s the backbone for recruitment at MGT. The best placements often happen when a person isn’t even looking for a new position. As a B2B consulting firm, it is a must that our consultants be subject matter experts and leaders within industry. When I successfully recruit these people to join our team, I’m ultimately providing a benefit to our clients and the communities they serve. This fulfills me personally and professionally. If I reach out to you via LinkedIn, or seek you out an event, that means you are a ‘rock star’! Just think, we may end up working together one day.

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Posted on February 26, 2019

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