At MGT, our mission is to provide trusted, value-added consulting solutions that exceed client expectations. We are nationally respected leaders in public sector management consulting and strive to equip public professionals with thorough, innovative solutions so they better serve their institution, stakeholders, and the community. Simply stated, our purpose is:

We power the work of the public professional to advance the lives of the citizens they serve.

This purpose reflects the company’s strong social conscience and service ethic that forms the core of the MGT “Why.” MGT models this philosophy by systematically seeking out the highest-impact projects and relationships, encouraging community involvement and investing in a collaborative and rewarding world-class work environment for employees.

MGT began in 1974 when a group of public sector leaders came together to scale their experience to solve the challenges of those working in the public realm. Today, MGT’s team of top consultants, located throughout the country, continue to emanate a level of excellence unparalleled in the municipal and education markets. The firm has successfully managed more than 12,000 client engagements across the globe.

Our team provides research, analysis, planning, and implementation strategies to help our clients find solutions in a variety of areas like finances and forecasting, human capital, technology, diversity and inclusion, and education improvement. With an award-winning track record and history of repeat engagements, our creative solutions are tailored to meet each client’s specific needs.

Because we ask the right questions, our solutions are not only inclusive and thoughtful, but best-in-class. We understand the impact our recommendations have on long-term economic growth and socio-economic conditions. For us, improving every citizen’s quality of life comes first in every solution we provide.

Knowing every client and project is different, MGT has developed comprehensive internal and external resources that enable the firm to assemble the teams required to tackle a wide range of projects to foster success. MGT leadership understands lasting and meaningful impact requires innovative change and bold thinking, both for our clients and ourselves.

We approach each project from your perspective, because we understand every engagement demands a commitment to professional, accurate, and skilled advice. We’re here as your trusted advisor to offer innovative solutions that enhance our world.

Journey of Meaning

Journey of Meaning

Our people are on a journey of meaning to leverage their unique expertise and capabilities to benefit our clients, so that they may better serve their constituents.