Justin Peterson’s #MyMGTJourney is about learning & supporting others


To put some context behind my MGT journey, I want to first share two of my foundational beliefs. First, I believe that every person is born with a seed of vast potential, and our surrounding environment should support us in reaching this potential. I’m exceedingly optimistic in the capabilities of every person. Second, I believe that we are all teachers, and we are all students. Every person has valuable knowledge to share, and every person has endless opportunities to learn. That’s why my journey is about learning, supporting others, and tackling challenges.

Getting Here

So, how did I arrive at MGT? In college, my prospective career choices gravitated towards those which included public speaking, teaching, and helping people, all of which are areas in which I’m extremely passionate. My interests were exemplified by my pursuits outside the classroom which included fighting for programs that supported the most vulnerable students, running leadership training workshops, co-founding a student consulting group, and mentoring high school students. From a subject perspective, I have always had a strong affinity for writing and math, particularly statistics. Therefore, I chose to major in the social science that included heavy writing and the most math classes of any social science – economics.

When I graduated from California State University, Chico, I was not ready to enter the workforce. There was so much more to learn! I’d research company after company, especially those that reside in the S&P 500. I’d dig through their websites and research their businesses, and this research revealed three things.

  1. The technological resources available are astounding, and I wanted to learn everything and teach others (see belief #2).
  2. I found business operations fascinating, and I frequently found myself challenging the decisions companies would make.
  3. If organizational bureaucracy isn’t properly managed, it can obstruct innovation, lessen our desire to express ideas and concerns, and harm a productive culture, all of which works against our ability to achieve our potential (see belief #1).

I spent the next few months spending many hours a day studying and writing about various subjects and software. I wanted to either start my own venture or work for a firm with both ample opportunities to continuously learn and a culture that supported the development and pursuit of new ideas. About six months after graduation, I got a call from Jennifer Niccolai about an analyst position at MGT.

Why MGT?

During the interview process, I noticed three qualities MGT possessed that enticed me to work here and put this firm above others. Fortunately for me, they have all proven to be true.

  1. The services we offer here are beneficial to our clients. I enjoy working for a firm that serves the public in a very positive way. Additionally, it’s great to see how much every person really cares deeply about providing the best possible solutions to our clients.
  2. MGT is a company with a long and established history but that also contains a “startup” feel. We are a flat organization, especially for a firm of our size, and the possibility for creating and implementing new ideas is high. This opportunity is invaluable to me. Every single day, I collaborate with vice presidents, consultants, directors, and analysts across the country to create new ideas with the goal of taking MGT to the next level of awesomeness.
  3. With the culture that is present here, I have access to people with an impressive depth of knowledge and experience in their industries. This is invigorating for me I can learn so much about so many different business areas. I learn something new on every single project, and then, I go home and learn some more. My student for life mentality is very much supported here!

These qualities certainly came forward in the interview process, and I recognized the opportunity to work for a place that supported my two foundational beliefs. My future goals are to do everything in my power to support an environment that encourages us to reach our potential, work with my colleagues to innovate and overcome challenges, continue learning, and share the knowledge that I have with everyone else. I’m truly excited about the outlook for the future!

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Posted on May 16, 2019

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