MGT Acquires Evidence-Based Foundational Literacy Services Provider, Step By Step Learning


Step by Step extends MGT’s leading school improvement solutions portfolio into structured literacy to tackle the #1 problem facing K-12 instructional leaders.

TAMPA, FLORIDA, USA, August 1, 2023 — MGT, a tech-led managed services business delivering high-value technology and social impact solutions for State, Local, and Education (SLED) agencies, national philanthropic organizations, and Fortune 500 companies, announced today that it has acquired Step By Step Learning® (SBSL).

SBSL, based in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, is a leading provider of evidence-based foundational literacy services for K-12 schools and districts. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), only 18% of Native, 17% of Black, 21% of Hispanic, and 45% of White students are achieving grade-level reading proficiency. Over nine million students from low-income families in kindergarten through 5th grade are not proficient in reading. Based on 30 years of proven educational practices backed by science and research in K-12 literacy instruction, SBSL’S mission is to address the national literacy gap by partnering with instructional leaders to improve how students learn to read.

“Uniting SBSL’s research-based professional development, technology tools, and coaching solutions with MGT’s national school improvement solutions portfolio is a unique opportunity to expand our impact as the K-12 partner of choice for mission-critical solutions,” said A. Trey Traviesa, MGT’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are thrilled to welcome SBSL’s incredible team of learning experts as we address one of the most emergent problems for our K-12 clients across the country.”

The SBSL team focuses on delivering schools and districts research-based and scientifically aligned practices, knowledge, and technology tools to provide all children with equitable opportunities to learn, read, and write. “The SBSL team’s expertise in structured literacy and the science of reading combined with the core strengths of MGT’s companies will prove to be a unique recipe to improving so many children’s ability to proficiently read, write, and spell. Our goals align with MGT’s mission ― driving profound, sustainable impact in our communities,” said Janice Kohler-Curtis, SBSL’s Chief Academic Officer. “Together, we can help our client partners maximize performance and realize extraordinary results in education to benefit children, families, educators, and communities nationwide.”

Combining MGT’s capability in addressing mission-critical information technology and cybersecurity needs with SBSL’s research-based literacy services will provide students across different states and socioeconomic backgrounds with tools that were previously unavailable to them. The integration of SBSL’s practices into MGT’s technology and social impact capabilities will continue supporting the company’s growth and mission of becoming a social impact and performance leader in SLED technology and managed services.

About Step By Step Learning®
Step By Step Learning® is a nationally recognized, literacy-focused K-12 educational solutions leader that helps schools use evidence-based instruction by providing educator training, change management, and consultation to advance learning and literacy for all children. With more than 30 years of experience, Step by Step Learning® helps schools implement practices based on research to ensure all students have equal opportunity to read and write with proficiency. To learn more, please visit

About MGT
Founded in 1975, MGT is a leading provider of social impact and performance improvement solutions for public agencies, philanthropic organizations, and Fortune 500 companies across the U.S. and abroad. Over the last several years, MGT – a company committed to employee ownership – has expanded its education and technology solutions portfolio with the addition of Davis Demographics, EH&A, Kitamba, Ed Direction, Cira Infotech, Layer 3 Communications, and Step By Step Learning®. Leveraging a half-century track record and reputation, MGT’s industry experts provide highly specialized solutions addressing mission-critical client priorities that improve outcomes and help organizations and communities thrive. For more information, please visit

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Posted on August 2, 2023

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