Introducing Burso®, MGT’s SaaS Solution to Make Cost Allocation Easier


Burso® simplifies the complexity of cost allocation to help maximize public resources with greater peace of mind.

TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 20, 2023 / — MGT, a national technology leader for state, local, education, and enterprise companies, is proud to announce the launch of Burso®, a proven cost allocation plan (CAP) software designed to revolutionize the way public agencies allocate costs. Developed and supported by more than 50 experts with over 200 years of combined government and not-for-profit accounting experience, Burso® promises accuracy, efficiency, transparency, and defensibility in cost allocation, providing public agencies with peace of mind and optimal resource utilization.

With Burso®, customers can save time, increase efficiency and accuracy, maximize public resources, and recover funds from federal and special revenue streams while ensuring compliance with federal cost allocation guidelines. Users can also cross-collaborate with their teams to complete a variety of non-profit, federal, and full-cost CAPs, including local government central service, state agency, statewide, and departmental. This cost plan SaaS solution will allow clients to self-manage their CAPs, providing further cost savings while continuing to afford them access to subject matter experts.

MGT CEO, Trey Traviesa, said, “The launch of Burso® marks a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to innovation and the introduction of cutting-edge SaaS solutions for our client partners. Burso® is a testament to our innovation focus and our enduring legacy in fiscal solutions for government leaders looking for specialized solutions that address their most mission-critical problems and opportunities. This unrivaled solution empowers public agencies and not-for-profit leaders to maximize management of public resources entrusted to them.”

Burso® is available now and supported by CAP experts ready to provide 24/7 customer service. Connect with our experts to learn more about Burso® by visiting

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Posted on December 20, 2023