MGT helps uplift schools in Hillsborough County


TAMPA, FL,  August 24, 2022MGT announced today that eight of the most distressed schools in Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS) have been lifted out of “under-performing” status. The schools, under MGT’s external operational management, improved student testing scores from “F” and “D” ratings in 2019 to “C” and “B” ratings as determined by the 2022 Standards Assessments of the Florida Department of Education. 

The eight HCPS schools achieving improved scores and lifting from state accountability mandates are:  

  • James Elementary – F to C  
  • Oak Park Elementary – F to B 
  • Foster Elementary – F to C 
  • Robles Elementary – D to C 
  • Kimbell Elementary – F to C 
  • Sulphur Springs Elementary – D to C  
  • Folsom Elementary – D to C 
  • McDonald Elementary – D to B 

As directed by the Florida Department of Education accountability standards, under-performing schools with persistently low testing scores are mandated to close or get an external operator to help them transform and turn around the schools for improved student success. 

The Hillsborough County School Board selected MGT as the external operator to direct the turnaround efforts at four of the struggling schools in 2019 and included an additional four under-performing schools in 2020. These eight schools had D or F scores for at least four consecutive years before MGT’s engagement.  

In partnership with the schools’ leadership and district transformation teams over the last several years, MGT led the academic and operational initiatives that improved student performance. With a hands-on approach, they reviewed data, determined short- and long-term needs, and addressed the requirements for educational content, teaching to standards, process monitoring, training, coaching, and side-by-side modeling with teachers and students.  

“It’s a phenomenal educational achievement to turn around these struggling schools, especially amid the pandemic,” said Dr. LaTeesa Allen, Vice President of MGT Education and the HCPS project director. “We recognize and appreciate the hard work, dedication, and collaboration of the school district’s leaders, administrators, principals, teachers, students, and families to advance education and student success in our communities.”

MGT will continue to partner with HCPS to achieve and sustain continued, measurable improvements. According to Dr. Allen, the underperforming schools are undergoing an intentional, student-centered cultural transformation focused on advancing academic achievement, instructional excellence and high-performing teams.

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Publish Date

Posted on August 26, 2022