MGT’s Cyber Security Office, made up of individuals working in the field since 2005, provides clients with the strategic road map and tactical execution required to help leaders safeguard their environment, secure data, and make cyber security a core competency. Cyber security continues to be a strategic priority for organizations. Leaders are challenged with defining a long-term cyber strategy, addressing known risks and vulnerabilities, and creating buy-in across all stakeholders – all with limited resources and significant time constraints. 

Our “Cyber Security Office” provides a holistic suite of security services that focus on:

• Cyber strategy road-mapping – Definition and mitigation of existing threats, anticipation of future risks, and a path to an optimal security posture.
• Modular tactical execution – Tactical execution support based on your needs, priorities, and resources.
• Long-term scalability – Focus on a feasible cyber security plan that works within organizational strengths and limitations
• Cyber security change management – Foster and champion a culture of cyber security to ensure the success of the program, long-term.

Our Cyber Security Office program is designed to:
• Help define cyber security strategy and drive successful transformation across an organization
• Execute, implement, and manage tactical cyber security initiatives
• Serve as an on-demand resource for ongoing operations, maintenance, and incident response