Finding Solutions for Indianapolis Public Schools


In today’s ever-changing world, public school systems need to be adaptable and agile. After all, budgets are tight, and delivering better student outcomes requires educational institutions to embrace new technologies, political shifts, and changing practices. That’s when MGT steps in. We deliver results that are not only effective and efficient but that are also long-lasting.

Our team is comprised of former state education commissioners, district superintendents, school board members, principals, and teachers. It’s this expertise that allows us to balance academic and operational effectiveness, creating a sturdy foundation of excellence for students, teachers, and families.

Over the years, MGT has helped many schools achieve long-term goals, so when Indianapolis Public Schools approached us in 2019, we quickly recognized they needed to develop a holistic plan that was actionable, reliable, based on proven research, and created with a thorough understanding of their district’s needs. Immediately, MGT consultants grasped the local context of the Indianapolis Public Schools’ pathways and programs, lending support, and advisory service. We developed a framework to evaluate their pathways and programs that exceeded expectations and can be used internally for the foreseeable future.

But MGT didn’t stop there. During review and analysis, we realized the best course of action for Indianapolis Public Schools was to develop a three-year plan. This would help IPS develop cost-effective solutions for their 42 postsecondary programs and determine the best allocation of funds for the Bloomberg Grant they were awarded in 2020.

This partnership has proved to be so successful that IPS has decided to continue working with MGT. Our client told us they determined that our engagement during this process was so helpful to their transformation and continued partnership into 2021 will help with the implementation of the recommendations provided.

We’re pleased with the results we’ve helped Indianapolis Public Schools achieve. While there is a lot we can say about this beneficial partnership, we are most proud that our content expertise, responsiveness, professionalism, high-quality deliverables, and on-going partnership has allowed IPS to transform their programming and positively impact the opportunities available to all of the students they serve.

Publish Date

Posted on April 5, 2021


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