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Since our founding nearly 50 years ago, MGT has helped the nation’s colleges and universities plan the future of student housing through market studies, feasibility studies, strategic and master planning, organizational reviews, financial modeling, and more.  Our work is data-driven, student-focused, and always keeps our clients’ priorities in mind. We understand the issues, strengths, and organizational structures; and processes for assessing housing demand and creating a plan to keep your organization ready to support student success. With more than 900+ projects completed for more than 450 higher education institutions; you’ll find a brief snapshot of some of our work below.

University of Georgia
Student Housing Market Study & University Housing Comprehensive Plan

In March 2023, the University of Georgia (UGA) commissioned MGT to assess housing demand. The study revealed a shortfall of 583 beds for first-year students, prompting UGA to convert spaces intended for non-first-year students. Moreover, MGT identified a substantial demand for on-campus living among upper-division students, estimating a need for 5,562 beds. In 2019, a prior collaboration with MGT led to the construction of Black-Diallo-Miller Hall, accommodating 525 first-year students and honoring UGA’s first African American graduates.

University of Texas at Dallas
Housing Demand Study

University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) contracted MGT in 2023 to explore the demand for additional on-campus student housing. The study included a peer institution analysis and off-campus market assessment, revealing a demand for 6,338 undergraduate beds. Recommendations by MGT emphasized the urgent need for expanded on-campus housing resources to accommodate the growing student population, including a proposed project for additional housing units, dining, and parking.

Riverside Community College District
Student Housing Study

MGT provided a Student Housing Study for Riverside Community College District, including a professional market analysis and recommendations for housing size, facility planning, and investment opportunities based on market demand. The study included a combined analysis and recommendations for housing size; immediate and long-term facility planning, phasing, and investment opportunities and needs, based on best practices; an analysis of similar institutions; and a desire to showcase the characteristics that make the District unique and highly desired.

Maryland Economic Development Corporation
Student Housing Studies & Privatized Student Housing Review

Since 2020, MEDCO hired MGT for a management consultant report on student housing projects at multiple universities, including Bowie State, Frostburg State University, Towson University, University of Maryland (UM) Baltimore County, UM Baltimore, and UM College Park, to address bond coverage ratio requirements. MGT reviewed fees, rental rates, and project operations, providing analysis for bondholder compliance and recommendations for potential improvements.

Coppin State University
Housing Study and Program Plan

Coppin State University (CSU) enlisted MGT for a housing study to assess the demand for new student housing on campus, conducted from April to August 2021. The study incorporated a peer institution analysis, off-campus market review, proforma, student survey, and a viability review of constructing a new residence hall. The project revealed a strong demand for additional housing at CSU with a positive response from students, emphasizing convenience and community as key features.

Because each project is unique to the institution, we’d love to talk with you about planning for the future of YOUR student housing program.

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