How a School Leadership Strategy Helps Improve Student Achievement


Gwinnett County Public School District (GCPS), the largest school system in Georgia, is working with MGT Education to create an intentionally systemic school leadership strategy to improve school operations and raise student achievement.

After 25 years, GCPS transitioned leadership in 2021 with the appointment of  Dr. Calvin Watts, a longtime leader of GCPS, as the new Superintendent. In collaboration with MGT Education, Superintendent Dr. Watts launched a comprehensive review of the school district’s organizational effectiveness to improve efficiency and performance throughout all departments and operations, including the compensation of personnel to drive critical functions. This review and feedback provide insights and accountability to organizational benchmarks based on relevant market characteristics, detail of duties performed by individual staff, and alignment of functions to improve economic value and optimize organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Together, GCPS and MGT will execute a well-researched, data-driven report and implementation plan with fully-supported findings that address the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of GCPS, as well as the quality of education and cost-effectiveness to improve performance.

With a more effective organizational structure, GCPS will be able to better serve schools, and ultimately students. Cost savings realized will go towards initiatives aimed at serving the whole child —academically, socially, and emotionally — including GCPS’ most at-risk students.

​​​​​​​“I could not count Gwinnett as the 11th largest school district in the nation and 7th most diverse without the partnership of MGT. MGT is helping us create the script to have the tough conversations in this challenging state.”  ― Dr. Calvin Watts, Superintendent, GCPS

Additionally, MGT has a long-standing relationship with GCPS spanning nearly 20 years of conducting special-purpose local-option sales tax ( SPLOST)  audits, which are annual reviews of the tax dollars used in the district. Continuously since 1997, the district has benefitted from the special purpose local option sales tax to upgrade facilities, vehicles, and technology. These audits demonstrate with transparency that tax dollars are allocated and spent responsibly to improve education in the communities served.

MGT continues to work with GCPS to support innovative initiatives to lift student success.

Gwinnett County Public School District, the largest school district in Georgia, enrolls more than 180,000 students in 139 schools and special entity facilities.

The District is also the largest employer in Gwinnett County with over 23,000 employees.



Publish Date

Posted on July 19, 2022